A2Hosting Review – Can This Be Your Best Hosting Solution?

A2 Hosting Review

A2Hosting Review: I won’t be wasting time on getting you information on what hosting is and what you need. That’s because you already know about it. Therefore, you plan to switch to another hosting or want to buy a new hosting. A2Hosting is one of the most popular hosting providers. Also, I have suggested this to many of my friends. Most of them are happy, & rest have changed to another hosting or have upgraded their plan. This ensures that similar to other hosting, A2Hosting may not be good for everyone. Hence, we have come up with A2Hosting Detailed Review.

A2Hosting Website Hostings Review

Below, you will find a detailed review of A2Hosting. This review is done after using A2Hosting for more than 2 years. During this, we got to know about all the goods and bads of A2Hosting. So, let’s dig into the A2Hosting review in detail.

Detail Review on Worpdress, Shared & other Hosting in A2Hosting

Every time we buy a new Hosting service, we plan to take Shared Hosting, that’s because what the client pays us suits that plan only. During our A2Hosting Shared Hosting test, we find this to be the best Shared Hosting that we have tested so far. Not from now, but for the first time we purchased A2Hosting Shared hosting plan, we are quite surprised by its speed.

The shared hosting does not come with its Turbo Boost feature that helps you cache your website faster. But we haven’t seen any issue in caching. The same plan goes for WordPress Hosting. In fact, the only difference here is the name.

A2 Hosting Price Review

A2Hosting has managed to keep its pricing very clean and simple. Unlike Hosting providers like GoDaddy, Siteground & others, where pricing is complicated A2Hosting makes things easier for you.

A2Hosting Price Review

This helps you to choose your plan easily. For example, if you want to choose a VPN hosting for a small, but good traffic business, then you must select Managed MID Hosting, which is one of the cheapest VPN that we have found.

A2 Hosting Customer Support Review 

A2Hostings Poor Customer support has always been one of the issues that I have faced. Especially at night. The wait time is for a minimum of an hour during which you tend to solve your problem by Googling it. Even if you are at the 2nd number in the queue, your minimum wait time is 30minutes. This can really be an issue for those who are having an issue during peak hours.

A2Hosting Customer Support Review

A2Hosting can only be useful until you have a good knowledge of Hosting and how Hosting works. A2Hosting’s Support cannot be a good option. That’s because of your queries you will get a link to how to solve it. Which might not be the exact solution. Trust me, Google or Alexa can give much better results.

A2Hosting Conclusion

Now, coming to the point, whether to buy A2Hosting or not. Well, that does depend on what you need. If you are looking for a Shared Hosting, then A2 is one of the best Shared/Wordpress Hosting. If you are starting with a new website, then this is a go-ahead form us.

But, if your requirement is more than that, then we would request you to check other hosting providers too. But, A2Hosting is still not a bad choice for any hosting plan you choose. Whereas, customer support can be a big challenge for you.

If you still have any doubts on A2Hosting, feel free to ask in the comment below. We will definitely help you out with your query.

People Also Ask For:

Below are a few of the important questions that people ask about A2Hosting.

  • Is A2Hosting Good For Domain Purchase?

If you are thinking to buy domain from A2Hosting, then we do not suggest that. That’s because A2Hosting is not meant for Domain purchase. We would rather prefer to buy a domain from Namecheap or GoDaddy.

In 2 years, we haven’t seen any offers for domain purchases at A2Hosting. Even at BlackFriday sale.

  • What Are The Inbuild Plugins We Get for WordPress Hosting?

This we are talking about WordPress. If you are planning to buy Share WordPress Hosting, then you might come with A2Hosting and W3Chace plugin inbuild. This, in fact, is used to improve the overall speed of your website. But we suggest you deactivate it. During our test, we do not see A2Hosting or W2Chache plugin making any difference to it.

If you are buying the shared hosting for non-WordPress website, then there won’t be an issue. Everything works fine until you have some heavy filed.

A2 Hosting Updates

Updates on: 9 Feb 2020.

The price of A2Hosting hosting services has increased. In 2019, the Shared hosting Swift plan was starting at $2. As of 2020, the price has increased to $4.


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