About FeaturedSource

FeaturedSource is an online platform that provides you with the latest & truthful Information. We aim to provide research and valuable information to our readers. At FeaturedSource our editor make sure that we do no hurt anyone sentiment.

Our Mission is to become one of the most trusted platforms to give real-time information to our readers. Not only that, but we also welcome people who have a unique, fresh, and rare information to share. But, before you share any story with us, we would like you to go through our Content Quality Guidelines.

Now, coming to the idea and origin of FeaturedSource. This platform was founded in the year 2015 with an aim to be a reliable source & later we came into action in 2019.

Our Team

  • Sunita Lamichhane – Founder
  • Jagrit Bhattarai – Co-Founder
  • Chiranjeevi Bhattarai – Editor & Digital Expert
  • Swetha Thripati – Technical Head