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Arlo the Alligator Boy is an Amercican 2D animated, adventure and musical film which is directed by Ryan Crego. The movie is production companies are Titmouse, Inc. and Netflix Animation. Arlo the Alligator Boy full movie starring voice of Michael J. Woodard, Mary Lambert,  Haley Tju, Jonathan Van Ness, Brett Gelman, Tony Hale, Annie Potts, Flea, Jennifer Coolidge and Vincent Rodriguez III.

Watch Arlo the Alligator Boy Full Movie Online

Arlo the Alligator boy movie has successfully released on the OTT platform. The movie is distributed by Netflix. You can watch Arlo the Alligator boy full movie online on Netflix.

Netflix have the digital rights to air the Arlo the Alligator boy movie. If you have the subscription then, you can watch Arlo the Alligator boy movie online.


Arlo the Alligator Boy Movie Story

The Arlo the Alligator Boy story revolvs around the New York city where a wide eyes boy who is a half human and half alligator.

Arlo decides to leave his sheltered life in the swamp and searches for his lost father. Will Arlo able to find his lost father? to know watch Arlo the Alligator boy full movie online.

Arlo the Alligator Boy Characters & Cast

  • Michael J. Woodard as Arlo Beauregard, the alligator boy.
  • Mary Lambert as Bertie, a big teenage human giantess.
  • Haley Tju as Alia, a tiger girl.
  • Jonathan Van Ness as Furlecia, a pink flamboyant furball-like creature.
  • Brett Gelman as Marcellus, a fish creature with legs.
  • Tony Hale as Teeny Tiny Tony, a rodent-like creature.
  • Annie Potts as Edmée, Arlo’s adoptive mother.
  • Flea as Ruff, a human hillbilly.
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Stucky, a human hillbilly.
  • Vincent Rodriguez III as Ansel Beauregard, Arlo’s long lost biological father.
  • Fred Tatasciore as The Beast

Arlo the Alligator Boy Trailer

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