Best Alarm Clock Apps- Top 10 Alarm Clock Apps

Best Alarm Clock Apps

Almost each and everyone in today’s world use alarm to be punctual on their daily schedules. An alarm clock is required in everyone’s bedroom, but as smartphones are replaced most items become unuseful. People nowadays use their mobile devices as a replacement for alarm clocks. The best alarm clock apps are Alarm clock for heavy sleepers, Alarmmon, Alarmy, Challenges Alarm Clock, Early Bird Alarm Clock, Google Assistant, I can’t wake up, Loud Alarm Clock, Sleep as Andriod, Sleepzy etc.

The alarm clock apps are decent and simple, there are a lot of applications out there which will make you punctuate on time. Stock alarm application is pretty straight forward and do a limited job (mostly waking you up), but other applications offers different features such as monitoring your sleep cycle, providing weekly sleep reports and so on.

Best Alarm Clock Apps

1. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is a simple application that allows you to set an unlimited number of alarms. This application has a feature known as challenge mode which tries to wake you up promptly so that you won’t go back to sleep again. The app will notify you when to head for bed so that you will get a complete night sleep. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers also supports android wear and sleep stats. The paid version of Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers will get rid of advertisements.

2. AlarmMon


AlarmMon is also an alarm clock application for basic toddlers or for a person who sleeps next to a baby. This app allows you to set multiple alarms and also lets you set the alarm tone and snooze instructions. This app has soothing tones which will able to wake up easily. AlarmMon features some animations while the alarm starts and some little things will make you use your brain and it will not let you go back to sleep. AlarmMon is free to use and its premium version has some extra features and will get rid of ads.

3. Alarmy


Alarmy is known for resentfulness, it deals with waking up its users very different and innovative ways. The alarm tone of the apps seems to be weird but anyhow it works well. Alarmy asks you to add an image of an object and then when the alarm starts you have to click the image.

Once a person is out of the bed, it is most likely that they will be out of their sleep inertia. Not only taking pictures, but you can also set the application to ask some math questions and so on. Alarmy even has a feature when enabled will prevent users from switching their devices off while the alarm is ringing. If you are a heavy sleeper and want an annoying and hardcore alarm application Alarmy is the one to go with.

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4. Challenges Alarm Clock

Challenges Alarm Clock

Challenges Alarm Clock is another alarm clock application which uses little tricks to wake you up and get you out of the bed. Users can set everything such as tones, multiple alarms and so on. Challenge Alarm Clock also has an image taking tasks like Alarmy and even has puzzles, games, etc.

Users can even set alight wake feature which will not be so harsh, for the days you don’t have to work but gotta get up to do the chores. Premium version adds some extra features.

5. Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock is a basic alarm clock application. It has a simple and elegant design and includes features like setting an infinite number of alarms. This alarm clock application also updates weather details, simple themes and features setting challenges.

Early Bird Alarm Clock can also automatically change your alarm tone every other day so that you won’t get familiar with a specific tone. The paid version of Early Bird Alarm Clock gets rid of ads for $1.99.

6. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an A.I powered by Google, it can also be used for alarms. As its an A.I you just need to ask your device to set an alarm and it will set an alarm for you. Google Assistant can also be used for countdown timers, reminders and you can even ask it to add events to your calendar.

Google Assistant does use your stock alarm clock application, but using this application with it will be much more interesting and efficient. If you just want an alarm clock app to wake you and no more extra features then using Google Assistant would be a pretty decent option.

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7. I Can’t Wake Up

I Can't Wake UP

I Can’t Wake Up is an alarm clock application specifically designed for those who have trouble waking up. This application features eight different wake challenges to wake you up and get you out of sleep inertia. It also has decent themes, customization available for the users. It does not look any alike to stock alarm clock app but it feels a bit cleaner comparing with other options on the list. Premium version of I Can’t Wake Up removes advertisements.

8. Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock

A loud Alarm clock is another Alarm Clock application designed to enhance audio to make your alarm tone louder and will help you wake up easily. It’s a simple Alarm clock application that lets you set multiple alarms if needed, set the snooze and set alarm tone or even set it at random. It also features some different themes to use. The paid version of the applications removes advertisements.

9. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is another popular Alarm Clock application which tracks your sleep. It studies and analyzes your sleeping patterns, REM cycles and provides you with the report of your sleep. This app has integrations with the smart watch and devices for better tracking of your sleep. Sleep as Android will even check if you have sleep apnea. Application is free to use but the premium version will add some features and get off advertisements.

10. Sleepzy


Sleepzy is the application which tracks your every night sleep. This application has some distinct feature like white noise generator, nightstand mode and so on. Off course, this type of applications will require you to sleep with your device at night. Application is free to use but the premium version of the application will let you use some extra features and will remove the advertisement.

Best Alarm Clock Apps Conclusion

The best alarm clock apps are the best apps for the people those who want to be punctual for the nest day. These alarm clock apps have emerged the best apps of 2019. Currently, many of them are using these apps to wake up early.


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