Best Apps to Learn Spanish- Know About the Top Spanish Learning Apps

Best Apps to learn Spanish

Trying to learn a new language? Well, learning a new language makes you an intriguing person. Mainly, Spanish is used in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and many other countries. If you are willing to learn the Spanish language then you will find a lot of applications from which you can easily learn the Spanish language. Simply, you can download and install on your mobile devices. We have gathered the best apps to learn. The best apps to learn Spanish include FluentU, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, MindSnacks, Memrise, Cat Spanish, Fluencia, Open Language, Mosa Lingua and SpeakEasy.

Studies have shown that learning a new language can help you make more rational decisions in life. Learning something new never has a downside additionally it has an advantage for an individual. You just need a smartphone and internet to learn a whole new language. You could become a master in Spanish without spending a lot of money.

Best Apps to Learn Spanish

1. FluentU


FluentU is one of the most popular application to learn Spanish. It is one of the best apps because other Spanish learning apps have a scripted way to teach users languages. However, FuentU uses real-life videos, commercials, news and makes them a learning experience for you. It uses natural ways to help you learn Spanish.

FlentU uses engaging clips consisting of topics about anything from sports to entertainment and will help you learn Spanish easily. Users can look up any word and know the definition when to use the word with all the details needed. FluentU also has quizzes which will assist you to comprehend the Spanish language with ease.

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2. Duolingo


Duolingo is also a popular and trending app to learn Spanish. It has advertisements everywhere ranging from TV to pop-up ads in mobile devices. This app even won the best application award of 2013 by both major play stores ( Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

Duolingo is specifically designed to learn something on the go kind of thing. Spending your 20 minutes a day will help you learn Spanish in 3 to 4 months. There are also other interactive features in Duolingo such as following other users, measuring your day-to-day progress and so on.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone- Best Apps to learn Spanish
Best Apps to learn Spanish

Rosetta Stone is a long time player and a quite popular app among all apps. This app also has a different and unique approach to teach Spanish to its users. It teaches users Spanish like they were infants trying to learn a language. You would have a minimum translation to English. It’s a truly engaging experience and worth downloading the app. Rosetta Stone also lets you schedule live sessions with a tutor. It uses speech recognition and makes learning much easier.

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4. MindSnacks

MindSnacks- Best Apps to learn Spanish
Best Apps to learn Spanish

MindSnacks plans on teaching Spanish like a game rather than the scripted conventional way. This application has tons of games based on a specific thing such as food, sports, etc. Each game designed to make you understand the Spanish language better. All the games have streaks and it stacks up until you answer a question wrong.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other engaging games on vocabulary sets which will help you know more and more about Spanish words. Its user interface might be childish at first sight, but it is easy to learn and manage.

5. Memrise


Memrise is also a unique application which uses ridicule to help you learn the Spanish language. Different modules are designed by the app and each module has many lessons in it. They have categorised learning Spanish into basic and advanced. Each lesson in a module will help learn about 15 Spanish words.

Lessons have the word’s translation into English, it’s meaning and also an audio recording for how it should be pronounced. They use humorous sentences to help you learn Spanish with a good mood. If you want some creative ways to learn Spanish then Memrise is the best apps to go with.

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6. Cat Spanish

Cat Spanish

Cat Spanish is another app specifically made to learn Spanish. It is created by the same owners of Memrise. It consists of tons of challenges using common Spanish phrases. This app literally has cats all over itself, as it features in the above picture. It also tracks your day-to-day progress and shows you how much you have accomplished.

Cat Spanish uses cats for teaching such as when you are to learn to request something in Spanish, it shows you a picture of cats holding its hands together. You can add your friends and family and compare their progress to yours. For a cat person, this is the best application to learn Spanish.

7. Fluencia


Fluencia is a great platform to learn Spanish, it has visual techniques to help you learn Spanish. There are levels designed by Fluencia, each level has 10 units. Completing all of the lessons, for example, 50 units are considered to be equal to a student who studied Spanish in college for 10-12 months.

in this app, each unit has everything you need ranging from vocabulary, culture and grammar. There are a lot of pictures and visual representation of sentences so that you can understand what it is trying to make you understand clearly.

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8. Open Language

Open Language

Open Language takes teaching Spanish seriously and instead of promising some kind of results it has levels of the CEFR. It is very useful for knowing your real progress in learning Spanish. There are tons of lessons each focused on a dialogue conversation between two people, English comments pop-ups to show you what does the sentences mean. If you want to learn Spanish seriously, then you must go for the Open Language app as it would be the best platform for you.

9. MosaLingua


MosaLingua is an application which uses techniques like SRS to help you learn Spanish much efficaciously. There is a fact that a person only needs 20% of the vocabulary of a language to get through 80% of day-to-day situations. Based on this fact MosaLingua tries to help learn 20% of the language. This application has a large positive rating and honestly its worth to download this app.

10. SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy- Best Apps to learn Spanish
Best Apps to learn Spanish

SpeakEasy is also a Duolingo type app which wants you to learn something new on the go, not wasting your essential time rather utilizing your free time. It has tons of features which will you help learn Spanish better. Like one feature is slow playback in it if you find a phrase was too fast to be carefully heard you can slow it down as per your convenience. It’s a great place to learn phrases and words in basic Spanish.

Best Apps to Learn Spanish Conclusion

Nothing is impossible in this world! Now smartphones have made things easier for humans to learn languages by sitting at any place. Download any of the above-mentioned apps, these are the best apps to learn Spanish. In fact, some apps will entertain you and will help you learn Spanish.


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