Best Caller ID Applications For Android & iOS Smartphones

Best Caller ID App For Android & iOS

Caller ID applications help you identify calls from unknown callers. Today, millions of spam calls are made to the general population. but there’s a solution to this problem, you can install a Caller ID application on your device so that you will already know who’s calling you and some related information about them like location, network provider of the caller. Not only spam calls but even scammers call just about anybody and all these can be avoided by installing a Caller ID application.

Caller ID application basically provides information of the country and city of the caller. Some applications can eve detect the street information about the caller and so on.

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Best caller ID applications For Android & iOS 

Sr No

Caller ID APP Name






Mobile Number Locator









Caller ID



Caller ID - Who Called Me



Hiya - Caller ID & Block


Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker



True Mobile Caller ID


1. Truecaller

truecaller - Best Caller ID App

Truecaller is one of the most popular Caller ID apps out in the Google Play & iOS store, with over a million of active users. In fact, Truecaller is one of the most updated apps that also let you know the number and location. Also, if a number is a spam number, it will show in red color.

You can also enable the Truecaller Premium version to know who is looking for you in Truecaller and what information they are planning to get.  Truecaller recently introduced Truecaller Pay which lets you link your UPI account and pay bills and so on.

2. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator - Best Caller ID APP

Mobile Number Locator is the 2nd best Caller ID application we have used so far. After Truecaller Mobile Number Locator is another app to have the same number of downloads and with millions active users around the world. In the GooglePlay Store, It has been rated 4-stars and highly recommended by users.

Mobile Number Locator provides detail about a caller such as name,  the network they are using Network and their Country and city. You also have an option to identify spam numbers and block their calls and messages.

3. CallApp

CallApp - Best Android and iOS Caller ID App

CallApp is also a Caller ID application that lets you block any spam or harassing calls and SMS sent to you. CallApp has a fast response time and also provides accurate information about the caller. It also has an elegant User Interface. Furthermore, its premium version has plenty of features like Phone Number lookup with all its information, blacklist numbers and lets users record calls automatically with quality and clear sound.

4. Showcaller

Show Caller - Caller iD besst

Showcaller is also another Caller ID application that blocks annoying spam callers. This application also lets you know the name and address of the caller. Showcaller has a vast database and can easily identitfy any calls made to you. Other features include block spam SMS and calls, record calls in pretty good quality. When an unknown number calls you,  this Caller ID app will provide you the caller’s ID.

5. Caller ID

Caller ID - Top Caller ID APP

Caller ID is also a pretty good Caller ID application to install your on your device. This Caller ID app features blocking and tacking unknown callers. Caller ID is a fact and responsive application. It also provides unknown caller’s information such as name and address. Other features include a smart call log feature and T9 dialer.

6. Caller ID – Who Called Me

Caller ID- Who called me

Caller ID – Who Called Me has a surprising 15 million users in its database from all around the world. An interesting feature of this application is caller’s picture can be displayed on your device. It also has fast response and elegant design. Other features include block spam calls and SMS sent to you and even locate the number of the caller. With is large database, it can easily identify any call made to you.

7. Hiya – Caller ID & Block


Hiya is a decent Caller ID application with decent features. Most of the Caller ID application have similar features but Hiya does its work without error or crashes. Hiya also provides information about the caller and will let you know whether the caller is a scammer or a authentic caller. It will automatically block any spam or scam calls and Sms sent to you. Hiya – Caller ID & Block is a pretty simple application to operate and provides more than enough information about the caller.

8. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker

Mobile caller ID location tracker

Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker is another Caller ID application which has excellent performance reviews. This app is pretty easy to use and has elegant, simple interface. As others on the list, this app also lets you identify callers and provide information about them. This application claims that you won’t be bothered with any telemarketers, it will automatically calls from operators calling for offers. Once enabled its blocking feature, all spam or scam calls will be blocked and also SMS will be blocked.

9. True Mobile Caller ID

True Mobile caller ID

True Mobile caller ID can be confused with Truecaller,  although its a different application but offers similar features. This Caller ID app has a user-friendly interface and has pretty good features. True Mobile Caller ID uses GPS tracker and provides accurate information about the caller. It also blocks Spam or scam calls made to you and SMS sent to you automatically.

Caller ID App Conclusion:

All the above applications are some of the best Caller ID apps that you have for your Android & iOS devices. One common feature of this app is to identify the unknown number. Out of all the apps, Every Caller app has various features entitled to them. Almost each and every application have similar features yet each has different ways of providing information about a caller.

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