Best Dedicated Hosting- Know Which Dedicated Hosting To Buy?

Best Dedicated Hosting

You might have heard the term Dedicated Webhosting and also you are reading this article either to understand what dedicated Webhosting is or buy the Best Dedicated Hosting Service for your online business.

If this is the first time you planning to shift to a dedicated hosting solution then keep reading the article. On the other hand, if you already know about it and just want to explore the best Dedicated hosting for your business, then directly jump to Best Dedicated Web Hosting Providers you can get in 2020.

Know the Right Time to Switch To Dedicated Web Hosting

One of the obvious answers to this is to Manages a high volume traffic site. The second and foremost important thing is that you will look for a better and secure solution for your growing online business. Looking at the SEO technical aspect, you will get an amazing lesser load time, which is one of the important factors of On-Page SEO.

Having Shared Hosting is not the best idea. After switching to dedicated hosting, you will find a better performing website. Also, we have noticed that Dedicated Hosting is more reliable than the VPS Server and even cheaper. One of the key benefits is that you will have access to every resource of your Server.

How To Choose The Best Dedicated Server?

While purchasing Dedicated Hosting, there are some important finds you need you to consider the relative information on what to look. The foremost thing is to check which processor and cores. Every hosting provider has a different way to put it, hence request to study the processor before you buy it. In terms of cores, the higher the number of cores is better.

Then it comes to technology. For example, RAID 0 and RAID One are considered the fastest. Last but not least, do check the RAM and the storing space (HDD or SSD).

Best Dedicated Servers 

Hosting Provider Pros & Cons
Buy Hosting
  • Maximum 64GB RAM
  • Affordable
Buy Here
  • Good features at an affordable price
  • Expensive For Big CMS
Buy Here
  • Amazing UpTime
  • Brand Trust
Buy Here
  • Value for money
  • Good for Startup
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  • Technically Sound Customer Support
  • More Price Options
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  • Good Customer Support
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  • Amazing Uptime
  • Expensive as compare to Competitor
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Liquid Web
  • Can have Customize Spec
  • Good For Well Settled Business
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The below listed Dedicated Hostings are tested by our experts. But we have also considered feedback from users and their experience too. The Dedicated Hosting list given below will give you a clear idea of which Dedicated Hosting to buy. If you still have queries, you are open to a discussion on Dedicated Hosting.


InMotion provides an Intel Xeon E3 1220v2 CPU that comes with 5 free IP’s included. An 8GB double RRD RAM is included with the package. 2 hours of managed hosting is made available for free. The bandwidth is 4TB with a 6 TB data transfer facility. InMotion caters only to Linux-based dedicated web servers. Their uptime is close to 99.99% on average.

InMotion Dedicated Hosting Pros
InMotion Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Lowest price with high spec and features
  • Poor customer support as compared to others
  • Max 64GB RAM
  • Cheaper Plans have HDD Storage


HostGator comes on the top of the Best Dedicated hosting list and one of the reasons is the price it offers as compared to other hosting providers. All the dedicated hosting are using RAID 1 Configuration over the HDD for small business and SSD for big businesses. The minimum bandwidth of 5TB can help you manage a huge amount of traffic. The basic processor of Intel E3 (2 core) to Intel Xeon D (8Core) provides high performance.

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Pros
HostGator Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Good features at an affordable price
  • During our experience, the website went down 2sie a month after having 40+ WebSites.
  • Accessible Customer Supportable
  • Downtime is higher



Bluehost currently serves over 2 million websites Their storage is RAID1 which means the storage is mirrored. 500GB of disk space is available, the bandwidth cap is 10TB. The RAM provided is 8GB. Their security features include domain privacy, spam protection, and sitelock. Their uptime is 99.98%. They offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Pros
Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Amazing Up Time
  • Only 4 GB RAM at Startup Price
  • Cheapest starting at $79.99/mo
  • Customer Support quite unexpected



You will find Hostwinds offering affordable Dedicated Hosting plans. Their servers are infused up to 128GB of RAM and unlimited monthly data transfers. Along with 8 IP addresses Hostwinds provide 10 TB bandwidth with 8 CPU threads. Their uptime is low at 99.94% but quite improved from the last 2 years. Their services are controlled from 2 data servers located in the USA that are enabled with data recovery options.

Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Pros
Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Value for money
  • Amazing option for growing business and startup
  • No Cons Found
  • Highly Customizable



They have an unbelievably low load time of Their uptime is 99.96% so that’s decent too. They claim to offer a speed of up to 20 Gbps speeds while networking uplinks. Their servers are equipped with 8 GB RAM, an Intel Xeon 2.4+ GHz CPU with 4 Cores. 15 TB of uncontested data Transfer is provided. A free SSL certificate is also provided. They, however, don’t offer a cPanel.

A2Hosting Dedicated Hosting Pros
A2Hosting Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Good Customer Support
  • The same plan has become expensive as compared to 2019
  • Around 9 Pricing Model
  • Down Time is more as compared to another competitor



It is the largest domain registrar in the world 21% of the world’s total domains. They offer an uptime of 99.98%. Their CPU is Intel Xeon-D 2123IT. Powered with 8 cores and bandwidth. The servers come with a32 GB DDR4 RAM and two 4 TB HDD Storage that is RAID-1.

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Pros
GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Cons
  • Not a good for value hosting
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Poor Uptime
  • Has HDD storage & SSD is Expensive



Ipage serves over a million websites since its introduction in 1998. Their servers offer 4GB of RAM, 5TB of bandwidth. The uptime of 99.98% is quite decent. Free backup is provided with their servers. They surprisingly don’t provide an SSL certificate while all the other providers offer an SSL certificate. They offer 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring.

Best Dedicated Hosting Conclusion

With all the list that we have mentioned above, we feel that all of them are good. But if we have to choose one, then that could be Inmotion. But, the situation might not be the same for you. So, if you need to more then comment below.


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