Best Period Tracking Apps- Get a Guide to Period Tracking Apps

Best Period Tracking Apps

Periods is the monthly discharge of blood and mucosal tissue. It happens to every female who has reaches the puberty and it will happen every 21-40 days until they reach menopause. There many cases when there are visible symptoms but periods are delayed. Some times accompanying symptoms occur but there is no sign of periods. There are also cases where no symptoms are felt but periods happen. So, to avoid all these confusion we have made a list of best period tracking apps which will help you know the status of your period. The list includes Period Calendar, Flo Period Tracker, Clue, My Calendar, Glow, Eve, Period Tracker Lite, Period Plus, My Cycles, Cycles.

In this advance world, we get solutions to every problem similarly to track periods simply download the period tracking app. The apps will help you and will give you tips to avoid delay in periods. The period-tracking app has many benefits and you can know your own body very well. In case, you are getting pregnant then the app will show you the most fertile.

Best Period Tracking Apps

1. Period Calendar

Period Calendar- best period tracking apps
Period Calendar- best period tracking apps

Period Calendar is a very popular application used by millions of users. It helps you keep track of your periods and also offers vital information about what to do and what not to. If you’re trying to get pregnant than it can even show you when you will be most fertile to conceive.

Period Calendar can even provide other information like weight, cervical mucus, mood and other symptoms. Additionally, it has a pill reminder which reminds you to take pills, it could be for regulating periods, injections or even birth control pills.\

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2. Flo Period Tracker

Flo Period Tracker- best period tracking apps
Flo Period Tracker- best period tracking apps

Flo Period has an interesting and unique feature. It uses machine learning to calculate and provide information about when your next period must be expected. This application can predict next menstruation much more accurately than others. It has a decent and simple calendar which marks all the important dates. Not only periods but also it can track sleep cycle, water level consumptions and health. It can even help you plan your diet and how much water should be consumed.

3. Clue

Clue- best period tracking apps
Clue- best period tracking apps

Clue uses unique algorithms and will help you track your periods. It is also recommended by many Gynecologists and even is top-rated by a Journal in America. It uses scientific methods like constantly checking your mood, tracking your exercise routines and heartbeats to map your menstrual cycles.

Clue has a decent and simple user interface. Developers promised that the application is designed for every age and not just only for teenagers. This apps comes with good features and it shows accurate information as time progresses.

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4. My Calendar

My Calendar- best period tracking apps
My Calendar- best period tracking apps

My Calendar is a very refined and customizable application. It helps you track periods and also helps females with the irregular menstrual cycle. It tracks weights, mood swings and health issues. This application will ping you to go see your doctor if it detects any abnormalities in your health or menstrual cycle. Furthermore, it has password protection so that your vital information will be protected.

5. Glow

Glow- best period tracking apps
Glow- best period tracking apps

Glow is another period tracking application which gets smarter with more use. It predicts your menstrual cycle and provides important tips. This application can also help those who are undergoing treatment for fertility like vitro fertilization. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy this application is for everyone. It can make charts and show you exactly when to take pills. Glow also has a premium feature which adds extra features such as more detailed insights. 

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6. Eve


Eve is also a period tracker but its also a community place. In this app, you can ask and discuss anything and there is no subject off-limits. If you have any abnormalities then it will recommend you to see a doctor. It also has catchy charts and a decent interface and can map your menstrual cycles accurately. If you like community like environment then Eve is worth to download. 

7. Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite logs you each period then calculates its average. It shows you when to expect periods. It also checks your mood swings, bloating, headaches and other symptoms. There are more than 30 different moods to choose from. You can know from its name that it’s a lite application which means it’s straightforward and purpose related. You can view everything in its calendar ranging from dates of last period, ovulation and most fertility days. It can illustrate changes in your body such as the difference in weight, body temperature and other symptoms.

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8. Period Plus

Period Plus

Period Plus helps you know the duration of the period and also when the next menstrual cycle must be expected. To keep you up to your plans this application will remind each thing to you. Reminders for next periods, fertility window and even water consumption. Enough Water consumption is essential to lead a healthy a day at work or anywhere. It can also track your sleep cycles and keep records of your pregnancy tests.

9. My Cycles

My Cycles 

My Cycles has a catchy calendar which maps your periods and even sleeps cycles. It helps you plan your days according to your period date. You just need to fill your details up into the application. It can record daily pills, sleep and even will show you when you are most fertile. It has a decent reminder which will ping you to take pills, water or anything you are on.

10. Cycles


Cycles is a simple application which tracks periods and highest fertility days for you. It requires bar minimum as its a straight forward application. You just need to mention when your period started then it will automatically show the crucial information. Cycles have claimed that it can accurately predict most fertile days up to 95%. It also has password protection, so that no one would be able to see your personal and vital data.

Best Period Tracking Apps Conclusion

Track your period easily with some simple clicks. You can manage and take precautions before the arrival of the period. These apps will assist you and guide you to keep your body healthy. Every other app has unique features which guide you to drink water, exercise or keep your body healthy.


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