Best Pregnancy Apps- Top 10 Pregnancy Apps for Android & iOS

Best Pregnancy Apps

Best Pregnancy Apps: Planning for a baby? Or either has one on the way?. If yes, you can get a guide and helpful tips about how to handle pregnancy from just downloading a Smartphone App. It doesn’t matter what stage are you in, you can use it any time for tracking your progress and various other things. These Pregnancy apps can be very helpful, as it will be your guide to help you decide what is good or bad during pregnancy.

Why Do you need Pregnancy Apps?

If it is your first time and having a tough time to get help from experts. Well, it is not possible for any doctors to be 24×7 available for you. Therefore, if you are looking for a pregnancy help middle in the night, then you must have a Pregnancy app.

Can We Trust Pregnancy Apps?

First, you must know that all these pregnancy apps are just to help on situations or ways to do things during pregnancy. Before you download any pregnancy app, please make sure that the one who is providing tips for you are certified doctors.

On the other hand, all these apps always recommend you to get a recommendation from your doctors as there is no physical interaction happening between you and the app. You will get answers or a solution depending on the situation to situation. You can just use these apps to guide you, but expert advice should always be taken from doctors.

Best Pregnancy Apps

The Pregnancy apps we are giving below have some of the basic features to track your progress, countdown, track weight, contractions, tips on pregnancy and so on. These applications can even provide great exercises for you. We will provide you with the top-rated application for pregnancy. Hence, we have shortlisted some of the best Pregnancy Apps you must have during your pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker- best pregnancy apps
Pregnancy & Baby Tracker- best pregnancy apps

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker is the most popular application which can be downloaded to your mobile devices. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can track the development of your pregnancy every day. Users can also record contractions and monitor them and even send them to a medic. Furthermore, it has many helpful articles, guides and many videos which will help you to manage your pregnancy. You also get help from a community where parents answer your queries and thoughts. Above everything, you can a create a journal by taking pictures of your tummy later on it will be compiled into an amazing video.

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2. Pregnancy +


Pregnancy is a unique application it has all the crucial feature which are required in pregnancy. It has a decent and elegant personal dashboard with every bit of information you have recorded. It can track weight variations, visits to doctors, contractions and various other things. This application has a various feature and it is the most appreciated app. This pregnancy app has received positive reviews. Additionally, this app can also take pictures of your belly till the date of delivery and then compile it. Pregnancy + is a good choice with many exciting features.

3. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown is another application which uses unique ways to help you go through your pregnancy. The most amazing feature of this application is it can visualize the baby’s growth with an interactive 3D model. It contains hundreds of articles about babies and even answers your questions or concerns in real-time by experts. Its user interface is really amazing and beautiful. This application will prepare you for everything beforehand like taking medication, contractions and many other things. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

4. Mind the Bump


Mind the Bump is designed by mental health experts focusing on pregnancy, stress and mood swings. This application will help you mentally and emotionally by engaging you in exercises and meditations. Almost every pregnant women suffer from mental breakdowns, constant mood swing and all these can be avoided by practising meditation and exercises. This application focuses on keeping you in good physical as well as mental health. Mind the Bump is also available for both iOS as well as Android mobile devices.

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5. Baby Names

Baby Names

This application is solely for searching for amazing names for your newborn. Your struggle for finding a name for your baby is over. Baby Names will provide you with great baby names along with their meaning and origins. Users can also share names they like. This application has over 30,000 names with meaning and pronunciation of each every name. Baby Names is also available for both iOS and Android.

6. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia is another great application which can track all of your progress in pregnancy from day one. You can log everything into its calendars such as doctor’s visits, contractions, mood swings and much more. Users can also know diets about what food to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker has many articles and videos to help you get rid of any queries which are related to pregnancy. It has a decent looking countdown which estimates when to expect the baby and be prepared. This is the best pregnancy apps available on the Apple store and Google play store.

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7. Full Term – Contraction Timer

Full Term – Contraction Timer

Full-term tracks contraction will ping you when to rush to the hospital. It has a simple and friendly user interface. This application is specifically designed to map contraction and you just need to tap at the start and then at the end. It will measure all the contractions and their duration which will accurately predict when to visit the hospital. It can also perfectly track pre labour rupture of membranes and weight variations.

8. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App


Glow Nurture Pregnancy App will provide you with alerts about everything you need to know about. This application builds beautiful charts for you to view your progress. It has many articles which will guide you to preserve your health. You can find articles for every thought and questions you might have. Furthermore, you can mail yourself a document file about all your symptoms, picture and various other health information. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App is the best pregnancy apps it can be downloaded from the Android and Apple app store.

9. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker- best pregnancy apps
Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker- best pregnancy apps

This application shows you a visualization of how your young one is growing. It has very realistic illustrations for each and every stage of pregnancy. You can also get professional advice from experts. This app can also calculate and predict the date of delivery and has a countdown timer. You can find various articles and tips from hundreds of experts. This application provides you with information about what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.

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10. Headspace


Headspace is another mental health application which will train you to be in a better mood. It’s okay to feel anxious and stressful, but it can be easily avoided by practising meditation and some exercise. This application also tracks your sleep cycle because a good night sleep can eliminate a lot of stress. Headspace is one of the best pregnancy apps to download. the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Pregnancy Apps Conclusion

The pregnancy apps are very useful for pregnant women, it can help you to keep your baby healthy. Try any of these apps because it is considered as the best pregnancy apps 2020. Let the app take full control over the pregnant women health. Stay healthy and keep your baby healthy with the these best pregnancy apps.


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