Best Reddit Apps- Get a Guide to Top 10 Reddit Apps

Best Reddit Apps for iOS & Andriod

Reddit is a popular social news aggregation, web content rating, discussions, website. Trending things that happen around the world find their way into Reddit. Reddit has a vast audience and people register there and discuss tons of things online. Mostly on Reddit people share things and discussing different topics and others share their opinion about it. You can find subjects like political affairs, inventions, innovative technologies, entertainment and much more content on Reddit. There are many platforms like Reddit you can find on the internet. The best Reddit apps are Voat, Quora, 4Chan, Hacker News, Product Hunt, Stumbleupon, NewsVine, Slashdot, 9Gag, Buzzfeed. So, here we will see the best Reddit apps or Reddit apps alternative.

Best Reddit Apps 2020

1. Voat


Voat is much newer than Reddit but has gained a lot of recognition in the past few years. This platform has almost similar interface as Reddit, it uses subreddits for posts about a specific content like gaming. Similar to Reddit, Voat uses subversives for specific content. This app is tolerant than Reddit because Reddit is criticized for banning post filled with hatred. Voat claims that users can post about anything as long as its legal. Users can even sign up for its partner program can get paid for posting quality content.

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2. Quora


Quora is also a place like Reddit, But it is more about questions and answers. In Quora, users basically ask a question and many users answer it by their opinion, intellect and most upvote the answers. Any user can either ask a question or even answer questions. Once you have signed up on Quora, it asks you to choose topics/contents and then show you queries/questions related to the topics you chose.

Answering questions on Quora will increase the user’s expert level on the specific content. You can follow other experts and view their answers as they answer to newer questions. For healthy discussions, Quora is a good option to gain some knowledge.

3. 4Chan


4Chan is known as an imageboard, users usually post images on specific boards and other users comment on it and share their thoughts. Just like subreddits, 4Chan has boarded for specific content. It won’t ask you to create an account or register for posting images, you can freely engage in any community discussions.

4Chan features tons of board, you just need to find the board you are interested in such as Gaming, Music, Movies, Technology and so on. It also has a specific board dedicated to NFSW content. You can post anything  anonymously.

4. Hacker News (Y Combinator)

Hacker News (Y Combinator)

Hacker News is also a popular place where individuals can find all the trending stuff on the internet. Users can get all sorts of news on Hacker News related to anything. Not only news the users can find stories about anything.

Hacker News lets its users judge a post by points and post with the most points will appear on the top in the specific category. Users can even comment on a story and place their thoughts. Users need to register to comment, post or give points to a post. It specifically has a channel dedicated to tech nerds, geeks, startup enthusiasts.

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5. Product Hunt

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is literally what its name implies. You can find tons of product on this place which is available in the market and beyond. People also post their innovative creation on Product Hunt. Not only products you can find great tech, games, web designs and so on.

Users can create their own list of products or items for others to check out. People can also place their opinion about a certain tech or product in the comment section. You can find some amazing things in Product Hunt. You can use Product Hunt to know about a product or game and also ask a question about it.

6. StumbleUpon

Product Hunt

StumbleUpon is a place for discovering the latest and trending stuff of the internet. Honestly, you can really stumble across amazing stuff using it, it consists of all the internet banality like news, stories, trending stuff and so on.

Users in Stumble Upon submit different content on it and then it starts showing up at other users account and then they can like/dislike a specific post even save it. You will discover mind-blowing stories and even share with it your friends or other users.

7. NewsVine


NewsVine is a place to find interesting news around the world in one place. It allows any user to post content and stories about anything. Authentic news sources also post their content/news on it. Tons of posts are submitted every day and most popular appears on the top of the page. Although you can search for the things you like. Users can even have discussions and share their thoughts on a specific topic. Even you can post articles or stories you found interesting and might want to share to the mass audience.

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8. Slashdot


Slashdot offers technology-specific content from tons of sources. You can find all the technology-related things on Slashdot. It also has discussions for users to place their thoughts and opinions as they like. Slashdot has a straight forward interface, you can search for things you want to read about. It even features a mobile application, so that you can read about the content you find interesting on the go.

Slashdot originally labelled itself as “News for Nerd Stuff that matters”. Later, it also started featuring news stories mostly about tech. Slashdot is a long time player being around for decades, you might witness interesting stuff in it.

9. 9Gag


9Gag started off as a place for finding funny memes on the internet. But as it gained popularity, users also started posting useful and creative stuff. Most people directly head to the comment section as it has more criticism and counterpoints. Anyone can sign up and share images/videos and start a discussion about it and place their opinions/thoughts. Recently, 9Gag has added tons of sections so users can directly head into the stuff they like to view. Each and everyone can find something new for themselves in 9Gag.

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10. Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed is a place you can use to utilize your free time. All the trending stuff of the internet can be found in Buzzfeed. Posts from entertainment, news, animals and so on are posted by many people every day. Once you start using Buzzfeed you won’t be able to know how much you passed surfing it. Because the app has an abundance of content in all topics, you can find as per your interest.

Best Reddit Apps Conclusion

The alternative of Reddit apps are very good which has an abundance of content on it. The above-mentioned apps have various topics and have millions of users on it. You can explore the specific topics with the discussion and answers on it. These Reddit apps are for iOS and Andriod it is compatible with both and it will give you a bunch of wisdom.


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