Best Ringtone Apps- Top 11 Ringtone Apps for Andriod & iOS

Best Ringtone Apps

Music is a healer for most of the people out there but making the favourite song a ringtone gives us a different type of feeling. Thousands of people are in search of the best ringtone app for android. To cater to them, we have made a list of best ringtone apps which will help you make your favourite song as a ringtone. Nowadays, almost everyone is using a smartphone and people prefer to have their own ringtone rather than the stock tone provided. Check the list of the best ringtone apps for android phone.

Previously, individuals would have to download ringtones from the internet and they don’t get the best music ringtones. Fortunately, there are applications on Play Store that will not require individuals to go through all the efforts. Not only Ringtones you can find the notification, alarm, mail tones etc. All those apps will save your time and device from malicious files which might get downloaded from the internet.

Best Ringtone Apps

1. Zedge


Zedge is one of the most popular ringtone application on the Android Play Store. It has an elegant and simple user interface making it the perfect choice. Zedge also offers alarm tone, notification tones and even amazing good-looking wallpapers. It has a well organized and updated list of ringtone, alarm tones and wallpapers. Recently, it added a stickers pack section which has increased its popularity. Zedge also offers premium plans with some extra quality features.

2. MTP Ringtone and Wallpapers


MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers is also an application for searching ringtones and wallpapers. It also has live wallpapers of high quality and wide range of ringtones. It has tons of wallpapers ranging from cars, animal, movies and so on. You can also search for a specific wallpaper by its keyword. Users can also share their own made ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones and can be download and set by the users.

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3. Audiko


Audiko is an application designed to even create ringtone and also has tons of ringtones in it. Users can edit and trim a tone and even combine with other tones to create a brand new tone for your mobile device. You can also find a wide range of alarm, mail and notifications tones. You can find some catchy tunes out of its huge database. Audiko is free to use and available on the Android Play Store.

4. New Ringtones

New Ringtones- Best ringtone apps
New Ringtones- Best ringtone apps

News Ringtones is another ringtone application which also has a vast database. It has a very straight forward interface which is praised by its users. New ringtones have recently added wallpapers section into the application. You can find tons of high-quality wallpapers in it. Furthermore, for your convenience, this application has the flexibility to translate itself into 26 different languages.

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5. Popular Ringtones

Popular Ringtones- Best ringtone apps
Popular Ringtones- Best ringtone apps

As its name suggests all the popular and trending ringtones can be found in Popular Ringtones. This app has better premium features but also offers hundreds of ringtones for free. It has divided categories so the users won’t get confused such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Bollywood, animals voice and so on. Popular Ringtones have created their database carefully, trying to avoid duplicate tones.

6. Z Ringtones


Z Ringtones has a decent user interface and also has a wide range of ringtones. The best thing about it is, its completely free to use with no in-app purchases. You can download all sorts of ringtones and not only ringtones it also has an alarm, mail, notifications tone. Users can also browse popular and featured tones. It has Tons of category to choose from such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, animals, etc.

7. Mobiles Ringtones

Mobiles Ringtones- Best ringtone apps
Mobiles Ringtones- Best ringtone apps

Mobile Ringtone is a longtime player in ringtone applications, you can find stock ringtones in the application. If you are Android device users and fancy iPhone’s classic tones then Mobiles Ringtones is the place to head to. Mobiles ringtones have a pretty straight forward interface. It regularly updates its app and fixing random crashes. This could be the best ringtone app for iPhone

8. Pi Music Player


Pi Music Player is actually a music player application it provides you with a plethora of ringtones. It has high-quality equalizer and tons of themes and backgrounds. Any regular music can be converted into a ringtone, alarm tone or notification tone using Pi Music player. It has a feature known as Pi Power Share which lets you share tones to anyone and anywhere. Pi Music Player is also available in 20+ languages.

9. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker also lets you make ringtones all by your own. It has many effects which make your tone amazing and catchy. It supports almost every type of audio file format including MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP4, 3GP, MIDI and many more. Premium version will remove ads and add a couple of features in it.

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10. Phone Ringtones

Phone Ringtones

Phone Ringtones has a vast collection of ringtones, its a lightweight application which can run on any device. Not only ringtones it has a decent collection of alarm tones, notification tones, mail tones and so on. You just need to search the tone you are looking for and then download it.

11. Best New Ringtones 2020

Best New Ringtones 2020

As its name suggests, this application contains all the trendy and popular tones in the current year, 2020. It has a lot of cool ringtones and also alarm tones, notifications tones. You can directly download any tone you like and make it as your ringtone, alarm tone or a notification tone.

Best Ringtone Apps Conclusion

All the above are the best ringtone apps and can give you amazing ringtones. You just need to find the best ringtone app for you and enjoy creating a ringtone for yourself. These are some of the best ringtone apps for android. Feel free to drop comments below and let us know your thoughts.


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