Black Clover Chapter 292

Black Clover Chapter 292

Black Clover Chapter 292: The upcoming chapter 292 of Black Clover is going to be interesting and fans are eagerly waiting for this chapter to release. The release date for Black Clover chapter 292 is delayed a week due to Gold Week Holiday. Also, if you are reading this, which means you also want to know about Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoiler.

Before we talk about the spoiler, it is really important is the spell and new power that Magna has shown. Zora also seems to be an interesting character in this chapter. In the upcoming chapters will get to know more about his new Magna Swing power and Soul Chain Death Match.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date

You will have to wait for a week more for Black Clover 292 chapter to get its release. It has been officially announced that the Black Clover Chapter 292 release date will be May 9th, 2021. You might be from a different location, Hence check the below time zone for the Chapter 292 release of Black Clover.

  • British time             : 6 PM
  • Central Eastern time: 7 PM
  • Central time            : 12 PM
  • Eastern time            : 1 PM
  • India time                : 10:30 PM
  • Pacific time               : 10 AM

Black Clover Chapter 292 Spoiler

It looks like Magna will be able to rescue Captain Yami from the Dark Triad. But, it won’t be easy as it looks like. On the other hand, Aasta seems to be quite tired and will be resting for 30 minutes to regain his form.

It is also expected that Asta will be moving towards the  Dark Triad along with the Devil Union to rescue everyone.

The fight between Magna and Dark Triad will be seen in this chapter. Also, it is quite obvious that the Secret Flam magic will not be enough to defeat him. Even Union said that Dark Triad is the most powerful devil now. The manga will get even interesting after we see Asta coming into the picture.



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