Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date, Spoiler & Everything We Known So Far

Boruto Chapter 42

Boruto Chapter 42: There is no doubt that Boro is a tough competitor & we have more to see about it in Boruto Chapter 42. Not only that but Team 7 and Kawaki did manage to give tough competition to Boro. For instance, we thought that Boro is really dead as we forgot about his regenerating ability. As per our prediction about Boruto Manga 41 Sarada and Mitsuki did come up with a plan & it seems that Mitsuki is the smartest among all.

If we recall the last chapter, Mitsuki was the one who actually saved everyone. In fact, his snake did took Boro’s blood and made everyone immune to his Jutsu. Well, Boro who knows his Virus Jutsu will have no effect on them. Therefore, he plans to kill Naruto.  But, will he really be successful? That’s what makes Boruto Chapter 42 interesting. Hence, we are here to discuss the chapter & will also let you know the release date.

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Boruto Chapter 42 Expected Spoiler

We are all aware that Naruto will definitely be alive till the end. Boro is going after him, which means there will be someone who will definitely come to save him. There is a huge opportunity that we might see Sasuke or Kakashi in this chapter. But, there are chances that Kawaki might also show his new power.

There is no chance that Boro will get any close to Boruto. If we see Sasuke’s appearance, then we are sure that the fight is going to be extreme. At the same time, how will they manage to get Boro down with his regenerate ability? This might definitely be a lengthy fight.

Also, the chapter is more focused on Sarada’s captainship. According to what they planned, things are really going opposite. Boro is moving towards the Dome where Naruto is sealed, also Kawaki is against him. According to what they planned, everyone have to listen to Sarada. But Kawaki is overflown with emotions & is against the plan to stop Boro. Or we may say, is it still a part of their plan?

What’s more important is how and who will actually open the seal? The only one we see here is Kawaki as he posses the same Karma as Jagen. But for that to actually happen we will have to wait for Chapter 42 to release.

Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date

Upcoming Boruto Chapter 42 will be released on 20th January 2020. In fact, this is going to be Boruto’s 1st Chapter of 2020. If you want to update about its RAW Scan, then it will be out between 18-19th Jan 2020. We will make sure to update you here.


  1. Also, Kakashi is one of those who can travel through dimensions so why can’t he come in to save these kids.

    So can we see Kakashi?


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