Boruto Chapter 43 – Release Date, Spoiler & Everything We Known

Boruto Chapter 43

Boruto Chapter 43: After reading Boruto Chater 42, it looks like Sarada has finally found the weakness to Boro’s regeneration Jutsu. But, we are not sure if she has finally destroyed Boro. If we recall the last conversation between Sarada and Kawaki, then Kawaki mentioned a way to stop Boro’s regeneration Jutsu.

According to Sarada’s analysis, Boro’s weakness is on the right flank. But, did she actually manage to attack the right spot? To know that we will have to wait for a month for Boruto Chapter 43 to appear. Therefore, we are here to discuss about Boruto Chapter 43 & what we expect might happen.

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Boruto Chapter 43 Spoiler & Discussion

Note: This is not an official spoiler. We will update the official spoiler, once it is out.

One thing is clear that the Boro’s Arc is finally coming to an end. Even if Sarada did no attack in the right spot, we are sure that she has manage to stop his regeneration. Which means, we might soon see an end to Boro.

in Chapter 43 we will see how Team 7 along with Kawaki will stop Boro. But, what’s more, important is that who is unseal the dome where Naruto is sealed. It is obviously Kawaki, but how did he will manage to do that is the big question.

Also, everyone has used their chakra which means, they have to get rid of Boro or else they are in huge trouble. Now, all we can do is wait for the chapter 43 to release.

If you still have some theory or anything else to discuss about Boruto’s upcoming chapter do let us know in the comment below.

Boruto Chapter 43 Release Date

Similar to other chapters, Boruto’s 43rd Chapter will also release on their official time. Which means you can reach Boruto Manga 43 on 20th Feb 2020. The Raw scan of this chapter will be out by 18 or 19th of Feb 2020.


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