Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date & Spoiler- Begining Of A New Arc

Boruto Chapter 46

A lot of unexpected things happen in Boruto’s 44th Chapter. Until Chapter 44, Koji was seen as the biggest villain & now everything is different. Boruto Chapter 46 will start a new chapter about Koji. It looks like that Koji was created by the Doctor to kill Jigen. There is a lot of things that might have come in your mind. Not only that but in Forums, people are saying that Koji might be Jiraiya.

This story of Boruto Chapter 46 has two sides that we can look at. The first is, whether Jigen is someone from the leaf village? As we have seen in the early Kawaki arc no one could identify Koji when he entered the Leaf village. On the other hand, he having Toad as his summon gives of him being connected to Jiraiya.

In the 2nd Part of the story, we believe that Dr plays an important role. There is a huge possibility that he might be knowing more about Otsutsuki’s than anyone else. Making Koji a tool to kill Jigen & coming to Leaf village for protection, the Doctor seems to be the most suspicious character in Boruto series.

What is Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date?

On the last page of the Boruto 45, it was clearly mentioned that Boruto Chapter 46 will release on 20 May 2020. We do not think that the Chapter will get delay due to Corona. But if any of this will happen, we will inform you here.

What Can we expect from Boruto Manga 46? The Spoiler

One thing is sure that we will get to know more about the Kara group and Koji. Obviously the fight which we cannot miss. Along with that, we might get to know more about the doctor’s plan.

There is a huge possibility that we will get to know who Koji is in Chapter 46. Including that there are many things that we will see in this new Arc of Boruto. Do let us know what you think will happen in Boruto Chapter 46.



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