Boruto Chapter 59 Release Date & Spoiler

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Boruto Chapter 59: Code is taking the limelight now. In Boruto Chapter 58, we saw how Kawaki and Team 7 are training. Their only goal, for now, is to get a hold of Code and implant Boruto’s Karma into Code’s body. To do that, it is important that they defeat him. Boruto Chapter 59 will give you a clear picture of the progress.

After watching, the last chapter it is clear that all Kawaki wants is to protect Naruto. Which means something bad is going to come. Only Kawaki knows how dangerous is Code. But, no one is aware that Code is with Eida now. So there many things that you might be thinking too. So, let’s check Boruto Chapter 59 Release date and spoiler.

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Boruto Chapter 59 Release Date

We have a scheduled time and date for every Boruto chapter to release. Similarly, Boruto Chapter 59 release date is scheduled for 20 Jun 2021. There is no delay in the release of Boruto Manga 59. Stay tuned and know more about this chapter.

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoiler

In the last slide of the 589th chapter, we saw how Kawaki promises to become even stronger. This means he has to go through a lot of pain in the training now. It looks like Kawaki gave an easy win to Boruto. But that is not an end here.

Code and Eida is yet together, we are not yet sure what they plan. One thing is sure that Code will not come alone. He might also know more about Naruto’s strength. But without Kyubi Naruto is less powerful now. But, we will be seeing Kawaki in action when it comes to saving Naruto. Not only that, Boruto ate the pill that Naruto gave him to get rid of Karma. Now, how harmful that pill is? This might take few more chapters to know about this.

We might see the team going into training mode now. Kawaki is determined and this will be seen during his training. There are also discussions that Kawaki might learn Ninjutsu soon. There was a hint giving in the Manga that Kawaki could absorb chakra


Concluding everything about the 59th Chapter of Boruto, we are sure that it is more about training and Kawaki. This is similar to Naruto on how team 7 was training to face something big. We might also get to know more about Code and his plan. To know more about Boruto Chapter 59, stay tuned.

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