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Boruto Episode 199: In the last episode of Boruto, the battle between Delta and Naruto started. Delta tried to kill both Himawari and Naruto, but Kawaki comes in between to save them. Now Delta is angry and want’s to kill them all. But, she is not aware of Naruto’s power yet. So, Boruto Episode 199 is going to be exciting. Hence, we are here to guide you on where to Watch  Boruto Episode 199

Watch & Download Boruto Episode 199 Online

If you want to watch Boruto EPisode 199 online, then Crunchyroll is the only legal platform to watch. If you have a Crunchyroll premium membership, then Boruto Episode 199 us free to watch. Also, you can download Boruto Ep 199 on offline mode so that you can watch it when you have time.

After a week, this episode will be made available to watch online for free.


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Boruto Episode 199 Story

As we know that Naruto is new to Delta. Also, Naruto cannot use his power to the fullest because it could harm the rest. One ability that Delta has is absorbing Chakra, which was seen when Boruto attacks her.

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As Delta is angry, she will speak out everything about Kara and Jigen. This will now make things even complicated for Delta. As she comes to attack Naruto, now he will show his true power.

But at the end, Naruto let Delhi suck up as much Chakra she could. But that backfires her. That’s because she has a limit to absorb. Seeing this, she moves ahead to kill all and take Kawaki, at that time Naruto will use his Rasengan and kill Delta.

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