Boruto Episode 200 Release Date, Spoiler & Watch Online

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In Boruto Episode 199, we saw how Boruo defeated Delta. Even Kawaki was shocked to see Naruto in that form. We also saw Boro and now know how Kara groups are feeding the divine tree. This makes Boruto Episode 200 interesting. But, the excitement is yet to come. Boruto Episode 200 release date is set next week, bit is going to be a filler episode.

Let us discuss more Boruto episode 200 and know what we are going to see in this episode.

Boruto Episode 200 Release Date

Similar to the last episode, there is no delay on the 200 once. It is confirmed that Boruto episode 200 will release on 23 May 2021, Sunday.

Watch Boruto Episode 200 Online

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 200 online, then you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu given channels, as they are legal. You can also watch Boruto Episode 200 free online after a week of the episode release on the same OTT platform.


Boruto Episode 200 Spoiler

The title of Episode 200 is “Become A Student“. As Kawaki has a lot to learn about the Nija’s and practice to control the chakra. In this episode, we will see Boruto teaching Kawaki about the basics.

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But, that is not the only thing we will see. As Kawaki has lost his arm, he is first taken to visit the doctor to fix his arm. Kawaki gets his arm replaces having Naruto’s Chakara. As Kawaki has to now learn more about controlling chakra, Naruto asks Boruto to teach him.

The only reason why Naruto does this is to get Boruto and Kawaki to work together as a team. On the other hand on the Kara group, Delta is going to come back as she had her drone set. Even if she is dead, she is not a real human. So recreating her is not an issue for Kara. Jigen on the other hand is waiting for Kashin Koji to give him some valuable information about Kawaki Jigen.

After few chapters, we are going to see Jigen entering Leaf Village. Now the Boruto Episode is going to be exciting. Every episode from here on is important. So, don’t miss it.

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