Boruto Manga Chapter 58 Spoiler & Release Date

Boruto Chapter 58 Spoiler and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 58: In the last chapter of Boruto we saw Code meeting Eida. Well, Eida gives a lot of information to Code. Also, we get to know about Eida’s power too, but that’s not all, there is more than she knows about. That is what makes Boruto Chapter 58 even interesting. Reading this article, we believe you want to know about Boruto Chapter 58 Spoiler and release date.

We are quite sure that Code just wants to know more about the Leaf village plan. That is the reason why he woke Eida up as she knows about the present and past. This is what brings us to discuss Boruto Chapter 58 Spoiler. At the same, we will also see the release date of Boruto’s 58th chapter.

Boruto Chapter 58 Spoiler

One thing is sure that Code want’s to kill Naruto and Sasuke as they are the only most powerful person in the shinobi world. Hence, he woke up Eida to know what is happening in the present. We saw how Eida tells code about the 5 Kage meeting and what they are planning.

According to Boruto Chapter 58 spoiler, Code is going to release Edie from the bond. On the other hand, this next chapter will be more about Amado revealing about Eida to Naruto. Not only that we will also see what is happening with Boruto and Kawaki.

Well, talking about Code, he will be going after Boruto in chapter 58 as they now know that he is the vessel of Momoshiki. We will also see that in the coming chapter Code’s next move to cultivate the Divine Tree and Boruto plays an important role there.

Amado on the other hand is a character we cannot trust, we will also get to know about his plan in the further chapter. In the meanwhile, we will have to wait for Boruto Chapter 58 to release and know more about Code’s plan. Not only that the 5 nations are also planning on stopping the 10 tail. Now Boruto Manga is going to get interesting.

Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date

Similar to all other chapters, Boruto Chapter 58 is also going to release at the end of the month. Officially it is announced that May 20, 2021, will be the release date for Boruto Chapter 58.


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