Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile – Comparison Between Two Most Popular Mobile Games


PUBG Mobile VS COD Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best games among all the adventurous and shooting games. If we consider the similar games, then Call Of Duty Mobile is what we refer a PUBG Mobile alternative. Both games have a lot of similarities. This brings us to compare PUBG Mobile vs Call Of Duty Mobile. Also, if you don’t know, both the games are RPG games. In both the games, you have a mission along with your teammates where you have to be in the lead so that you win the game.

Also, if you check, you can find a lot of similarities in terms of graphics. Let’s dig into PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile and what’s the difference between both the games.

Call of Duty: Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

To compare the most popular games, there are many things that we have kept into consideration. First, we need to look after the graphics & its requirements, the gameplay, the modes, map and more. So get into the details between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

Graphics Comparision 

Note: Both the games have been tested on Redmi Note 7 and also been tested on Zenfone 5Z.

The graphics performance depends on the smartphone hardware that you have. Graphics play an important role to feels players like they are a part of a critical mission. First of all, we need the best gaming smartphone that fulfils your requirements. PUBG Mobile is powered by Unreal Engine whereas Call of Duty Mobile is powered by Unity Engine. Call of Duty focuses on dense graphics whereas PUBG Mobile focuses in more fine detail.

COD Mobile Graphics
COD Graphics

PUBG Mobile has done a better job than Call of Duty Mobile in Buildings, maps and it looks terrific. In PUBG Mobile, you can find that finer details, like the type of materials lying in a ground. Call of Duty Mobile is much closer to the real world and its inspiration from World War setting and storylines.

PUG Graphics

What makes COD better in terms of Graphics is that it has very low latency and gives a better frame rate even on the low graphics smartphone. But, if you have a high powered smartphone like the ROG Phone 2, then you cannot beat PUBG graphics. It seems like PUBG Mobile wins the graphics department, but only on High-end devices.

But in the past year, we have seen people playing PUBG even on low budget smartphones. It does have some lag, but it way improved that the older or may I say its first version.

Game modes Comparision

PUBG Mobile is one of the battle royale game. There is a battle royale, which is the most famous format. In battle royale, About 100 will land on an island for survival and search the weapons for battle. If you are Zombies lovers, you can play in an EvoGround map. There is also an Arcade mode where 28 players can participate in the match. You can find Sniper training, Quick match, and War in an Arcade mode. You can also play RegeGear-TDM, RageGear-Pick Up, Payload Mode, TDM: The Ruins and TDM: Warehouse, Domination in EvoGround.

As we know, Call of Duty is also a battle royale game, here you can find battle royale. Call of Duty also has zombies mode like PUBG Mobile. In Call of Duty Mobile, you can also find Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Frontline, Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. It doesn’t offer PUBG Mobile like helicopter and ability to revive teammates after they are dead which makes Call of Duty Mobile different.

Comparing both of these games, PUBG Mobile is better in-game modes than Call of Duty Mobile. PUBG Mobile offers you various modes than COD Mobile.

Gameplay Comparison

Both of the game is a battle royale, but you can find more different between in these games. While both of the game provides you option to choose FPP (First-person perspective) and TPP (third-person perspective). Both games have different Damages, Shooting styles and recoil.

Let’s talk first about what happens when you entering in-game. In both games, you will enter in waiting for land. After 60 seconds you will enter in-plane in PUBG Mobile whereas in COD Mobile you will enter the aircraft. After you landed inland you will get buttons layouts for shooting, movement and others many remain the same. You will find different weapons in both of the games. If you are taking about the weapons of PUBG Mobile, you will find weapons like M416, M16A4, AKM, DP-28, AWM, and many others. In COD Mobile you will find M4, AK47, M21 EBR, DL Q33, M16 and many others. You can use sniper for long-range and UZI, UMP49 to hit targets over 500 m in PUBG Mobile.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to COD Mobile. You cannot see an enemy while running at the back of you in COD Mobile whereas you can see this feature in PUBG Mobile. You might die in COD Mobile while running because you cannot see an enemy at the back of you. PUBG Mobile has also a peek feature whereas COD Mobile doesn’t give this feature.

Lobby  Comparision 

The lobby in both of these games is different. In both games has the same touch where you can see PUBG players jumping, running and hitting each other with apples whereas COD Mobile gives you grape hook. COD Mobile also access vehicles in the lobby to enjoy. You will show the emote in the lobby in both of these games. You can also use guns in these games lobby.

Map and Vehicles Comparision 

PUBG Mobile offers you 4 maps whereas Call of Mobile offers only 1 map. Here we are going to compare the maps of these games. The default map of PUBG Mobile is Erangel whereas Call of Duty Mobile is isolated. In PUBG Mobile you have also multiple-choice maps like Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. All maps of PUBG Mobile is big where you can implement your strategy in the game. Battle royale mode can cross 30 minutes in PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty gives you more feel in driving. Both of these games offer you a helicopter in the game.

Conclusion: Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

The comparison of these games is never easy because both of these games are best. Both games give you the best experience among the battle royale games. So, after the comparison between both games, Call of Duty Mobile is ahead of PUBG Mobile in graphics. My personal vote is for PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay.


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