Coronavirus Test in Kerala & Positive Cases- COVID 19

Coronavirus Test in Kerala

As of now, the world is suffering from the deadly ailment of Coronavirus. Everyone is aware of this ailment as it is emerging as lethal. Currently, there are 13,81,014 cases in the world in which 2,92,973 are recovered from the ailment and 78,269 people are dead from this ailment. Day-by-day the cases in India are increasing and people are staying safe at home as the government has announced 21 days lockdown to the whole country. Recently, on Sunday Kerala health minister K.K Shailaja said there is a total of 314 cases in Kerala. Know here the detailed information of the Coronavirus Test in Kerala & Positive Cases.

Coronavirus Positive Cases in Kerala

As said earlier, the tally of total cases on Sunday 5th April 2020 reached 314 cases in Kerala. In those cases 256 are patients, 56 of them are recovered and two are fatalities.

Another 5-6 patients are recovered on Sunday. New fresh 5 cases came into light from Kozhikode district while one is from Kasaragod, Pathanamthitta and Kannur districts said the Minister.

The new cases in Kozhikode district are linked to the religious event in Delhi’ Nizamuddin. And, the other person is one who returned from Dubai, Shailaja said. Then, she added ” A total of ten people have been infected so far in Kerala because of the Delhi event”

In Pathanamthitta, a patient has travelled to Delhi and the new cases in Kannur and Kasaragod districts were in contact with the existing patients.

Since the outbreak began, Kerala has placed 158,617 people under observation, 776 of them in hospitals, the health minister said. Also, she added, on Sunday, 188 persons were admitted to the hospitals. Till now, Kerala has tested 10,221 samples in which 9,300 results appeared as negative and the rest reports are awaited.

Coronavirus Test in Kerala

Coronavirus is so dangerous to people all around the world. Due to the COVID 19 Indian Premier League has been cancelled and the entertainment industry has been affected by it. Apart from this, the economy of many countries has fallen down which has created the financial crisis. Check the Coronavirus Test in Kerala

  1. National Institute of Virology Field Unit, Kerala
  2. Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  3. Government Medical College, Kozhikhode, Kerala

Coronavirus Cases Worldwide 

Cases: 13,65,004

Recovered: 2,92,467

Deaths: 76,507

Coronavirus Cases in India

Cases: 4,789

Recovered: 353

Deaths: 124

Coronavirus Cases in United States

Cases: 3,77,792

Recovered: 19,985

Deaths: 11,816

Coronavirus Cases in Spain

Cases: 1,40,511

Recovered: 43,208

Deaths: 13,897

Coronavirus Cases in Italy

Cases: 1,35,586

Recovered: 22,837

Deaths: 17,127

The above figures are updated as on 7-4-2020


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