Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date – By When Are We Expecting?

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date: The 1st Season of Dr. Stone has finally wrapped up. Not only that, the 1st Season was one of the most popular Animes. Which means, people are quite excited to know more about the 2nd Season. Well, for those whoa re really waiting for Dr Stone Seaosn 2, you will get to know about it here.

Also, for those who are not aware, the Trailer for Season 2 is already out, & it confirms that Dr. Stone Season 2 is going to be Stone War Arc. If you have missed watching the trailer, check below.


As you can see the teaser, do not talk much about what exactly we are going to see. The only thing that it highlights is the Stone Wars. The 2nd Season will be directed by Rice Field Shinya, whereas Rock TasukuYuko will design the characters.

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Dr Stone Season 2 Spoiler

If you have read Dr Stone Manga, then it will be easy for you to understand. The 2nd Season will start from the 64th Chapter of its Manga series. Which means, we will see Senku’s Kingdom of Science vs Tsukasa’s Kingdom of Might.

If this is going to be the exact match of the Manga, then we will also see Hyoga in this season. In fact, Hyoga will be the biggest threat to Senku. On the other hand, Hyoga has the biggest force and amazing fight tactics. Whereas Senku has the strongest tempered Japanese swords, also he have made Hyoga believe that he has recreated the Gin and chemical weapon.

Despite of me reading the manga, it really excites me to watch the Aime as we will finally see Senku and Hyoga fight. In fact, this is the most awaited fight in Dr. Stone. We actually do not want to revel the entire Season or else it will kill the excitement of watching Dr Stone Season 2.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date

If you are reading this article, then we are quite sure that you want to know about the release date of Dr. Sone 2nd Season. The exact release date is not yet shared but is clearly said that it will be released in 2020. We hope that the 2nd Season is already in post-production stage.

Also, the fans would want to see this Season soon. We expect it to release by May 2020. But, no official statement has been made yet. If you want to know more about this, then do bookmark this page.



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