Alternatives for Dropbox – Top Popular Websites Like Dropbox To Know

Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox Alternative: Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and personal cloud. Dropbox beats most of its competition when responsiveness is taken into account. But there are some issues which might make someone search for an alternative. One of the features it lacks is end-to-end encryption, it doesn’t encrypt your files while uploading it to the cloud.

But, Dropbox is not the only platform that offers this service. In fact, there are several websites like Dropbox that you can use. Therefore, we plan to give you the list of top sites like Dropbox.

What are the common features of cloud storage?

It lets you store documents/files on the cloud so you could access it from any device anywhere at any time. Cloud storage providers offer a lot of features in order to make their users experience both reliable and efficient.

  • Remotely access your files`
  • Automatic backups
  • File security like 256-bit AES encryption
  • File sharing with other users
  • Retrieving files

Here are top Dropbox alternative to use

Below this section, you can get some best alternative for Dropbox. These applications and websites Similar to Dropbox have been shortlisted keeping in mind the features, plan, and other important things.

Ranking Company Features Download
1 Google Drives
  • 15 GB of cloud storage
  • Amazing support like, Google sheet, Doc, Presentation and more
2 Tresorit
  • File sync and sharing solution
  • Highly Secure
  • 1TB STorage
Get Tresorit
3 Sync
  • 5GB Free Version
  • Share files With Others
Get Tresorit
4 One Drive
  • Edit Office docs
  • User Friendly
Get Tresorit
5 Box
  • Use at any device
  • 10 GB Free Storage
Get Tresorit
6 SpiderOak One
  • Secure
  • 250GB For Free for the initial 28 Days
Get Tresorit
7 Mega
  • 50 GB Free
  • Secure
Get Tresorit


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1. Google Drives

Google Drive - Drop Box Alternative

Google Drive might be the best alternative for Dropbox. It is equally efficient as Dropbox and for starters, it offers 15 GB of cloud storage whereas Dropbox offers 2 GB. Also, the premium version of google drive has many more features to offer compared to Dropbox. Google drive even offers more tools like Google docs, sheets, slides and calendars. It offers much more than just uploading and sharing documents.

Storage: 15 GB

2. Tresorit

Tresorit - Websites Like Dropbox

Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted file sync and sharing solution. Unlike Dropbox, Tresorit does not have access to user files which ensures maximum confidentiality. Files are protected from the moment they are uploaded until they reach the target recipient. It’s best for small businesses and users who are working with confidential data and would like to avoid any security breach. It also offers file recovery and offline access. Tresorit has a $50,000 bounty for anyone who could breach its security. No wonder, it’s the most secured cloud storage.

Storage: 1 TB

3. Sync

Sync - Dropbox Similar Site

Sync offers a much more user-friendly experience compared to Tresorit. Although Tresorit is more secure, but is not as user-friendly as Sync. Not only that but it is available for all major platforms including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can grant a different levels of permission for different users.

It had a free version that offers 5 GB of storage. Users can even specify the bandwidth you want to sync to access when on a slow net so you can use your network for other purposes. Sync comes closest to dropbox in usability.

Storage: 5 GB

4. One Drive

onedrive - Drop Box Similar Sites

One Drive is cloud storage offered by Microsoft and comes closest in competition to google drive and Dropbox. It offers cross-platform app support and gives you access to 15 GB of storage. It also has flexible pricing plans, which allows you to choose the plan which suits you the most.

The good feature about OneDrive is that when you become a paid member you get access to the whole office suite without any charges.  Onedrive lets you collaborate with others on the same document/file on a real-time basis. It also comes with inbuilt OneNote support which is a good note-taking app. You can create quick notes, scan your documents and whatnot. Free bundle of office 365 with the paid version which makes it a sweet deal.

Storage: 5 GB

5. Box

Box - Similar Sites Like Dropbox

Box is more focused on business users rather than individual users. It is created keeping the needs of business in mind. Box also supports all the major platforms including Linux. Any folder the user puts into the Box-folder will sync automatically. It provides one of the best collaborative tools compared to its rivals. Box does that by integrating various third-party apps.

You can chat with your teammates from wight within the document you are working on. Box supports a large number of file types that you can store, edit online together with your team. It also saves all the previous modifications thereby avoiding accidental mistakes and deletion of data. It has a free trial after its completion you will have to pay. if you are looking for cloud storage for a business then it might the most suitable of all.

Storage: 100 GB

6. SpiderOak One

SpiderOak Sites Like Dropbox

SpiderOak One is another alternative that majorly focuses on security features. It contains all the security features from earlier like end-to-end encryption. SpiderOak One even gives the user more granular control over the settings and preferences. However, it also makes SpiderOak One more complex.

Sync time is a little slow as compared to others on the list and the servers are based in the US. SpiderOak One is also priced on a higher side as compared to the others on the list. Still SpiderOak One lives up to its claims and users can even use the basic version for free.

Storage: 250 GB

7. Mega

Mega - Dropbox Alternative

Mega gives you a 50 GB storage, which is way more than what you might find with Dropbox. Mega also supports end-to-end encryption and like others on the list, it also offers cross-platform app support allowing you to access your data from any device. Users can even share folders and collaborate with other users if you want to.

It even provides inbuilt chat functionality, which lets you communicate with other users without having to leave the app. Mega also has browser extensions that give you quick access to your files. There are a lot of features you should definitely check out.

Storage: 50 GB

Team Viewer Alternative Conclusion:

These were some of the great alternatives for Dropbox. Use the cloud storage service which suits you the most. If you come across any better cloud storage feel free to comment below.

Other Top 20+ Websites Like TeamViewer

Apart from the above listed 7, below we are going to mention other top 30 websites like TeamViewer.

  1. pCloud
  2. Zoho Docs
  3. CloudUp
  4. Mediafire
  5. Workzone
  6. Nextcloud
  7. CloudMe
  8. SugarSync
  9. Team Drive
  10. Mega
  11. Egnyte
  12. ownCloud
  13. Amazon Drive
  14. Resilio
  15. eFileCabinet
  16. Slack
  17. Filestack
  18. Seafile
  19. Pydio
  21. Adobe Creative Cloud
  22. Degoo


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