Free Fire Weapons Guide – Make Sure To Choose The Right One

Free Wire Weapons Guide

Free fire is one of the best mobile survival games where players enter a battlefield to be a sole winner. To be on the top winner, you need to have a proper collection of weapons and tools.  For eg, for short-range you mush have M1014 or  Mp40, if you choose a wrong weapon, then it might become difficult. In fact, in every new update, we have some special tools or weapons. Therefore we have shortlisted some of the most popular Free Fire Weapons & It Guide.

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Free Fire Weapons & Guide

Here we will see the list of all the Weapons as per its segment. We will look from Shotgun to Snipper & more. Check the table below that contains a list of all the Shot Guns that you can use in Free Fire.

Free Fire Weapon Guide For Shotguns

SPAS12 94 15 34
M1014 97 10 20
MGL140 90 51 41
M79 90 51 None
MP40 95 60 54

Shotguns are mostly preferred for a close compact battle. But most of them have less reload time, but make more damage to the opponent. So you need to be quite accurate in shooting. Check some of the best Shotguns to use in Free Fire.


If you like shotguns and need the best, then SPAS 12 is what you should have. It has the maximum damage of 94 and a range of 15. In fact, it has the fasted reload speed of 34. This makes it the fastest reloading shotgun. Also, with the fire range to 42, this is the leading in the shotgun segment.


For those who are not aware of the M1014 is the best option because it has an increased rate of fire for closed range battle. This, in fact, is a Fixed Positioned  Shotgun. You can shoot at the Range of 10 and damages to 97. It has a minimum of 6 Magazines. In fact, this Shotgun is not as fast as SPAS12 in terms of reloading speed but can be useful if know how you use it.


MGL 140 is one of the best shotgun to have. Also, if you do not have M1014 or SPAS12, then this is what you must have. It has a much better range that is 51, but the damage is 90. It has a slightly better reload speed than M1014, but not as good as SPAS12.


MP40 is one of the best short-range gun. It has better range then of other short guns. Its maximum damages up to 137 on headshot It has also quick reloading time than of other short guns and magazines also more.

Free Fire Weapon Guide For Sniper Rifles

KAR98K 75 94 90
AWM 150 94 90

It is not that everyone would like to make a close attack. There are people who like to use Sniper Rifles for long-range. There is no bifurcation on which one yo choose. Any Sniper Rifles are good to use. Check the details the Sniper below.


if you are like to snipping on the game then your choice should have to choose KAR98K because it is a well balanced with pre-equipped scope 8x. It has a much better range that is 90 and damages to 75 on body short and 1100 on headshot.


AWM is the Best snipping weapon for long-range. If you likes sniper guns and need the best one then, Awm should have to be the choice. It is also a pre-equipped x8 scope. It makes 150 damages on body short and 1100 damages on headshots. Its reloading speed is also faster than the KAR98K, But accuracy is equal.

Free Fire Weapon Guide For Mid Range Guns

AK47 96 94 90
SCAR 87 94 90
GROZA 87 94 91

From the title itself, you might have judged that the weapons that we are going to list below are used for mid range battle. If you are at or below 90, then you must need these weapons.


We already have heard about AK47 even before Free Fire was released. This is one of the best weapons to use in mid-ranged battle. It has an amazing accuracy of 90 and gives the highest damage of 96. In fact, AK47 is the most used weapons.


Scar is another and 2nd in the list of mid-ranged weapons. This does not give more damage as compared to AK47, but rest it competes with AK47 neck to neck. Also, it has the accuracy of 90, so if you are good at your target then Scar can be really helpful.


Last. but not the least. Groza is another option to select for mid-range attacks. In fact, this has the highest accuracy of 91, making it better than others. If you have an option to choose between Groza and Scar, then we would suggest to go for Groza.

Free Fire Weapon Guide For Melee

Weapon Power Accuracy Rate of Fire
Bat 4 1 5
Pan 4 1 5
Parang 4 1 5

Free Fire Weapons Conclusion 

With this article, you might have got an idea of how & which weapon to choose while you play Free Fire. It is obvious that selecting the right weapon will give you the best gaming experience. Apart from the above-mentioned list, we will keep updating the article. If you have any doubts, you are free to ask us in the comment below.


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