Get COVID 19 Test in Mumbai – Thyrocare Provides Home CORONA Test Service In Mumbai

COVID 19 test in Mumbai

COVID 19 Test in Mumbai: Corona is one of the major issues that we have seen in decades. According to the last update, the Scientist has claimed that they will find the test by or before June of 2020. At the same time it is really tough for any individual to know if they are Corona Positive. But the worry is over. As the Indian Government and ICMR approved Thyrocare to provide COVID 19 test in Mumbai.

How to Book COVID 19 test in Mumbai?

Booking COVID 198 test is simple. If you stay in Mumbai, then follow the below step to book your Corona test in Mumbai.

  1. Visit:
  2. Fill the form and book your test
  3. Once done, you will get a call from the Thyrocare
  4. Just after that, you will book an appointment for the COVID 19 test

How Will Thyrocare Execute the test?

According to the last update we have received, Thyrocare will first allow you to book the Corona test online. For that, they have already created a landing page, where you can book your Corona test for Mumbai.

As soon as you book the test, you will get a call within an hour. Once it is confirmed the Thyrocare’s Stech will come to your place as per the time given by the customer.

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Will These Stech be Corona Secured?

All the Stech visiting your house will be equipped with all the essential that will help you & them to be Corona free.

Is COVID 19 Test Free?

No, the Indian Government has put a charge for the test in India. According to the official announcement, the COVID 19 test will cost your Rs. 4500 in India.


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