GoDaddy Hosting Review – In-Depth Review Of The Leading Domain & Hosting Provider


I guess everyone who is getting into Blogging or online business, they all know about GoDaddy. In fact, they are the leading domain & hosting providers in the world. Earlier we did A2Hosting review & now, we are planning to GoDaddy Hosting review. We have been using GoDaddy Hosting & Domain service for many years. In fact, my first domain was purchased & hosted on Godaddy. It’s been almost 10 years & I guess I know in & out of it.

If you are reading this article, then I am sure that you want to know more about GoDaddy. So, you might have a lot of questions even after reading this review. Therefore, we request you to ask it in the comment below. One of our Domain Experts will assist you.

GoDaddy In-Depth Review 

As there are many things that GoDaddy offers, like Hosting, email, domain & more. Therefore, we plan to get into each & everything in detail below.

GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy has a lot of hosting offers as per your need. But you need to be wise before you choose any plan. But, if we compare GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting, then it is not the best in the market. You can rather choose A2Hosting’s Shared hosting. During our test, we have found that their Shared Hosting uptime is 98.70%, which is quite low as compare to the competitors.

When we talk about their VPS hosting, they have a very reasonable price of $24 for single-core, 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 40GB. the most expensive is $54, for 4 cores, 8GB RAM & 200GB Space. This, in fact, is quite a reasonable price as compare to other competitors providing VPS Hosting.

GoDaddy Price Review

The cool thing about their VPS Hosting is the Self Managed hosting. This is especially for advanced users who know how hosting works. This one cost $9.99. If you are quite aware of your project and know more about how hosting works, then I would suggest to check Self Managed VPS hosting once.

I have never used their dedicated Hosting, so it is not right to comment on that. If you have experience with GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting then let us know in the comment.

Go Daddy Domain Review

We have heard about Namecheap, which provides quite a cheap domain, but GoDaddy is no less. During our test, we find that GoDaddy is quite cheap as compare to Namecheap. If you calculate the overall pricing of the domain when you purchase through Namecheap and GoDaddy, you will find that GoDaddy is cheaper. Do make sure you check the final price of the domain before you pay for it.

During one of our purchase for an Indian customer, we saw that the domain that we were about to purchase from NameCheap was costing 1,199 INR, but when we checked the same from GoDaddy, it was costing 1,100 INR. This might differ for many users, therefore, we request you to check once before you purchase any domain.

GoDaddy Customer Support Review

This is where GoDaddy takes the lead. I am not talking in terms of problem-solving but in terms of availability. They are actually available 24×7 & as per my experience with them, they are the best in terms of providing customer support. Even if you launch a complaint through chat & want them to call you back, they really do that.

Also, you can be helped in getting a good discount while you purchase any new domain or hosting from them. I have tried many times to get a good deal on domain + Hosting. Now, talking about problem-solving skills, they are better than any other hosting providers. But if you are issue is complicated then be ready to get pissed. That’s because they will offer an upgraded plan to you, which is not the solution.

But, if you have good technical knowledge, then solving it by yourself is what we would suggest. Do make sure not to say Yes to their offer to upgrade your plan, because sometimes a small issue can give your website a huge problem.

GoDaddy Hosting Conclusion 

Now, coming to an important section on whether to buy or not buy GoDaddy Hosting. Well, that depends on your need. We would not suggest you to buy GoDaddy for Shared Hosting because A2Hosting is best at that. Apart from that, if your options VPS or Dedicated Hosting, then there is no issue with GoDaddy.

Also, you do have a better customer Suppor team helping you even during later hours.



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