Amazon Prime Video: Hanna Season 2 – Release Date, Cast & Crew, Story, Spoiler & More

Hanna Season 2

Hanna Season 2: Tale of a girl whose world turns upon its head when she discovers that her biological mother is not the one who raised her. Hannah season 1 was released in February 2019 and amassed some serious appreciation for its gripping story. Amazon Prime Video continuing their legacy of giving speedy renewals to their hit series announced the second season for Hanna. It was announced only a couple of weeks after the season one went on air.

Hanna Season 2 Release Date

Earlier Hanna Season 2 release date was expected to be by Sept 2020. Later in January, it was told that the Season 2 of Hanna has been dropped from Amazon Prime for 2020.

It looks like, release for Hanna has always been a problem. Similar to this, the Season 1 was expected to be out in 2018 but managed to release in 2019. The official announcement on the release for Hanna 2 is yet to come. So stay tuned.

Hanna Season 2 Storyline

On knowing the fact that why her father was reluctant to expose her to the world, Hanna turns rebellious. Hannah was a genetically superior child born in a test facility called UTRAX. She attracts the world’s attention when the police department came to know about her being alive. The CIA expected her along with her dad ERIC to be dead years back.

Hanna Season 2 Cast & Crew

There’s no doubt regarding the return of Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna, after all, she is the main lead of the show. Trained to perfection to tackle extreme situations in life, Hanna will account for most of the limelight this time around also. Mireille Enos will feature once again as special agent Marissa Wiegler. Khalid Abdalla will again feature as Jerome Sawyer.

Hanna Season 2 Plot

Right in the ending scenes of the first season, we witnessed that the CIA puts Hanna’s name in the CIA hit list. This almost indicated towards a second season. Hanna will have to make her way into the cruel world on her own as ERIC died in the climax of season one. Marissa was alive and she will be instrumental to Hanna’s survival especially when her own department is hunting for her.

Sophie can reunite with Hanna once again and her family might help her out establishing her life. Though Hanna returned to her place in the forests it won’t take her long to emerge once again.


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