How to Choose The Best Gaming Mouse?

How to Choose A Gaming Mouse

If you are really looking for a gaming mouse, you should know some key features that define if the gaming mouse is even worth trying. That’s why you should know the Gaming mouse Spec-sheet properly. Like dots per inch(DPI), programmable buttons, acceleration, response time, it’s sensors, design, and comfort. If you know all these things then you can choose the best gaming mouse for you.

Also, you cannot trust any brand from its advertisement. Therefore, we are here to let you know about all the important aspects to look while selecting a gaming mouse for you. I hope, by the time you finish reading the article, you will know which gaming mise you want to buy.

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What is a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse works similar to another mouse, but with some additional features that help your gameplay better. There is a huge difference in the performance and quality between a regular and gaming mouse.

Know How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse?

You need to know all the important features, to judge how good a gaming mouse will perform. Let’s see all the features and & know how to judge them with their parameters.


This relates to the sensitivity of the mouse. When you move your mouse, it detects how much you have moved and matches your cursor. If higher the DPI   more the moue shifts with less movement from your hand. And lower the DPI less the mouse shifts with the high movement of your hand. Low DPI settings are more good to fine control, like close up shooting. Where a high DPI setting is good for fast movements. A gaming mouse can be easily switched from low DPI to high DPI. where DPI setting of the range is down to 100DPI and high to 8000DPI.


Gaming mice are equipped with different programmable buttons. These programmable buttons give you different features well playing the game. In gaming mouse, there have many programmable buttons i.e 11, 8, 7 buttons. Among the many programmable buttons pressing one of these buttons effectively replaces a series of complex keystrokes allowing for easier gameplay.


Acceleration affects a mouse’s ability to move more quickly based on how quickly you moved. For example, if you moved one inch in one second, the mouse cursor will go 500 pixels. With acceleration, moving one inch in half a second, the cursor could move 1000 pixels. Acceleration is measured in G force. One G is equal to 9.8 meters per second.


The gaming mouse comes with wired or wireless in both variants option. The gaming mouse is better on both options because it depends on gamers. So first you need to understand what exactly you require. If you are not a Vivid gamer then it is important you select a wired mouse. But if you are a casual gamer, then wireless will work for your gaming as well as other needs.


At the moment of choosing a gaming mouse, you most know about mice response time and it’s polling rate time. Mouse response time refers to how quickly an action appears on the screen while using a mouse. If the mice are used for gaming than its better to use 1000Hz or 1.0ms response mouse.


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