Will There Be the 9th Episod of Invincible?

Invincible Episode 9

Invincible Episode 9: After a long wait, we finally know why Omni Man killed all of his superhero friends. Now, Earth is in huge danger and is going into a war with Viltrumite. Omni Man has moved to Viltrumite and now every superhero is now prepared to stop what’s coming to earth. But sources say that now we will directly see the 2nd Season of Invincible.

Will There be Invincible Episode 9? 

For those who think that there will be the 9th Episode of Invincible, then this is sad news for you. Episode 8th was the last episode of Invincible Season 1. Now, we will directly see the 2nd Season which will release soon.

So, those who were waiting for the 9th Episode of Invincible will have to wait for the 2nd Season.


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