Netflix: Kingdom Season 2 – Release Date, Spoiler, & Everything We Know


Kingdom Season 2: The second season of Kingdom was always on the cards considering the immense viewership the first season managed to account for. 25th January 2019 on Netflix the first chapter released & in no time became fan-favorite series. Kingdom belongs to the thriller genre and finds its setting in the late 1500s. When an unknown epidemic is spread in the main city which has turned people into deadly monsters, Prince Lee-Chang takes the onus to prevent any further casualties due to the plague.

The series is based on the Korean webcomic “Land of the Gods” by Kim Eun-hee.

The second season was planned long before the launch of the first one. The production started way back in February 2019 for the second edition of the web series.

As per the sources the shooting might take around 4-6 months to wrap up. The start of the shooting was planned in a way to compliment the first season. February is the last month of winters in Korea and the previous season’s closing scenes depicted cold weather.

Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

Rejoice the fans of Kingdom, we finally have some good news for you, the second edition will be out for the viewers in March and this is official. This is confirmed by several Twitter accounts of Netflix around the globe.

Initially, a tweet from the Netflix Philippines came informing about the season 2 in March 2020. Netflix Indonesia released a video of the cast of the series announcing the release of Kingdom 2 in March this year.

Kingdom Season 2 Spoiler

A whole lot of ends were left loose when the first season concluded. We can expect a more detailed address to those scenarios. A Hyun might come up with something miraculous to save the survivors of Sangju. Also, from the wrath of the horde of undead who is surprisingly active even in the sunlight is still a mystery.

Seo-Bi and Beom-Pal will come within touching distance of discovering the flower that has caused the plague. They also happened to discover that it wasn’t the sunlight from which they were running away but, the warmth of it. Now they will try to look for a cure of the plague when they have detected the root cause of the plague.

To sum up, there’s a whole lot of surprises coming your way in the form of Kingdom season 2. It won’t be surprising at all if the second season crosses the viewership records of the first one.


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