Netflix: Locke and Key – Release Date, Cast & Crew, Trailers, Story and More

Locke and Key

Locke and Key – Netflix: A lot of adaptation of the famous comic book Lock & Key horror Series are seen. But none of them were as per expectation. After Netflix confirmed its Adaption, the expectation was high. Since the announcement, the fans wanted to get details about the Lock & Key Netflix Series. Everyone who want to get details about Lock & Key Web series check this articles.

The trailer for the show came out on the 8th of January and one can connect this show with the likes of Stranger Things and The Order of The Society. With the same story, the same makers wanted to make a movie out of it but that never happened and now we are all set to witness goosebumps arousing horror show.

Locke and Key Storyline

The entire story revolves around the Locke family. Rendell Locke a high school counselor is murdered by his own student. Post his death the rest of the family is forced to shift to their ancestor’s place. All the fun begins at that house which is in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

They found something fishy about that house. The Locke family starts to believe that the house is haunted. Subsequently, they also discover some magical keys each having a distinguished ability or power.

Moreover, they also found out that there is an evil spirit who is desperately looking for those keys. That evil spirit resided in the well next to the main building. We won’t disclose the purpose for which that spirit needed those keys as that’s the main catch of the show.

Locke and Key Cast & Crew

Jackson Robert Scott, will be playing the role of Bode Locke. He is the same actor who received the onus of playing Georgie from IT. Connor Jessup will be playing the mesmerizing character of Tyler Locke. Emilia Jones will feature as Kinsey Locke, and we have Darby Stanchfield playing Nina Locke. Layla De Oliveria gets to play the all-important character of Dodge.

Besides these wonderful stars, they have Ellie Whedon, Griffin Gluck as Gabe. Also Petrice Jones as Kinsey’s love interest Scot, and Thomas Mitchell Barnet as Sam Lesser.

Locke and Key Release Date

We are all in readiness to welcome the show which is coming on February 7, 2020. Carrying forward the tradition of Netflix you will get all 10 episodes in Season 1 at a stretch.

As far as the talks regarding a second season for the show are concerned it will be too early to predict anything. Considering the volumes of editions of books available we believe that we can expect several seasons for the show if things work out as planned.


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