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Luca: Disney along with Pixar has released the trailer of an amazing Anime movie, “Luca”. This Fantasy comedy movie is directed by Enrico Casarosa. The main character of this movie, Luca Paguro’s voiceover is given by a young artist Jacob Tremblay. We are sure you are here to know more about the movie. Lets us tell you everything you need to know about Luca.

Watch Luca Full Movie Online

It has been officially announced that Luca movie will be available to watch online on Disney Plus. But the movie is not yet released in the Theater. This means you will have to wait for a while to watch Luca Full movie online on Disney Plus.


Coming Soon

Luca Movie Story

The story of Luca movie is about a boy named Luca Paguro and his friend Alberto Scorfano who are staying hidden in a riverside city in Italian. Both of them are sea monsters. Both of them come with a vision to meet people from the land and explore the world with common people.

During this journey, all they have to do is keep their identity hidden from everyone. So, will they be able to keep it hidden? Or how will people react when they know about their identity? To know all this, we need to wait until we watch Luca Movie.

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Luca Release Date

Initially, Luca movie was set to release in Theater in June 2021. But in March, Disney announced that they will postpone the release date of Luca. Disney wants to release Luca movie in the theater, hence they haven’t announced the release date.

But, it was also said that Disney+ will be the first OTT platform where you can watch Luca Movie online. Hence, we expect that if the situation does not get better, then we might expect Luca movie to release on Disney+.

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Luca Cast

Luca Movie is directed by Enrico Casarosa and produced by Andrea Warren. All the movie in this movie is given by Dan Romer. Apart from that cinematography David Juan Bianchi along with Kim White and editing by Catherine Apple and Jason Hudak

Voice Over Artist and Characters

Below is the list of Characters and Voice Over Artist in the movie.

Character Name VO Artist
 Luca Paguro Jacob Tremblay
 Alberto Scorfano Jack Dylan Grazer
Daniela  Maya Rudolph
 Giacomo Giacomo Gianniotti
Lorenzo Jim Gaffigan
Giulia Emma Berman
Massimo Marco Barricelli
 Ercole Visconti Saverio Raimondo


This is all we know so far about Luca Movie. If you want to know more then stay tuned with us.

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