Maharashtra Road Tax- Calculate & Pay Vahan Tax

Maharashtra Road Tax

Roadways in Maharashtra is very well connected with the cities and the states of the country. The massive state of Maharashtra has a good road network with a total 10088 National Highways and many state highways with the length of 33,705 Km. The majority of state highways are MH MSH 1, MH MSH 3, MH MSH 6, MH MSH 9, MH MSH 10. The state aims to connect the roads to every corner of the city, district and villages. The roads of Maharashtra has been charged for plying a vehicle is called Road Tax. Maharashtra road tax is levied by the state government and central government. 

Road Tax in Maharashtra- Vahan Tax

The Maharashtra has a huge population and has massive traffic. In the recent times, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai has seen a number of rise in vehicles. However, the vehicle tax in Maharashtra is calculates in the basis showroom rate and the aspects of the vehicle. The road tax is collected by the government is used to make the betterment of the roads throughout the state. The Maharashtra road tax comes under the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1988.

How Road Tax is Calculated in Maharashtra?

The calculation of vehicle tax in Maharashtra is done on the basis of following parameters:

  • Vehicle age
  • Manufacturer
  • Type of fuel
  • Length and width of the vehicle
  • Capacity of engine
  • Commercial or personal vehicle
  • Manufacture Zone
  • Seat capacity

Maharashtra Road Tax on Vehicles

The motor Vehicles Act of 1988(2001) which includes certain schedules that provide the taxable amount of categories of vehicles. These schedules of taxation according to the recent amendment of 2001 are as follows:

Schedule A (III) (Goods Vehicles)

Vehicle Type and Weight(in Kilograms) Tax per year
Less than 750 Kg Rs. 880
Between 750 to 1500 kg Rs. 1220
Between 1500 to 3000 kg Rs. 1730
Between 3000 to 4500 kg Rs. 2070
Between 4500 to 6000 kg Rs. 2910
Between 6000 to 7500 kg Rs. 3450
Between 7500 to 9000 kg Rs. 4180
Between 9000 to 10500 kg Rs. 4940
Between 10500 to 12000 kg Rs. 5960
Between 12000 to 13500 kg Rs. 6780
Between 13500 to 15000 kg Rs. 7650
Equal to or more than 15000 Rs. 8510
Between 15000 to 15500 kg Rs. 7930
Between 15500 to 16000 kg Rs. 8200
Between 16000 to 16500 kg Rs. 8510
Equal to or more than 16500 Inclusive Rs. 8510 + Rs 375 for every 500 kilos or part thereof in excess of 16500 kilos

Schedule A (IV) (1)

Tax rates to contract carriage vehicles which operates on a daily basis The Vahan tax for contract carriage vehicles are as follows tax:

Vehicle Type Tax per seat per year
Vehicle licensed to carry 2 passengers Rs.160
Vehicle licensed to carry 3 passengers Rs. 300
Vehicle licensed to carry 4 passengers Rs. 400
Vehicle licensed to carry 5 passengers Rs. 500
Vehicle licensed to carry 6 passengers Rs. 600
Vehicle Type Tax per seat per year
Air-conditioned taxi Rs. 130
Tourist taxis Rs. 200
Non-A/C of Indian Make Rs. 250
A/C of Indian Make Rs. 300
Foreign Make Rs. 400

Schedule A (IV) (2)

This schedule A (IV) (2) deals with motor vehicles plying on the road and deals with every passenger, these vehicles are charged Rs. 71 per year as a RTO tax.

Schedule A (IV) (3)

Vehicles that work on contract carriages for passengers within the state have different tax rates. The tax rates for contract carriages as follows:

Vehicle Type> Tax per seat per year
Tourist Vehicles or general omnibus with seating arrangement as per CMVR, 1989 rule 128 Rs. 4000
General Omnibus Rs. 1000
Air-conditioned vehicles run by private operators Rs. 5000

Schedule A (IV) (3) (A) Vehicles which are plying on the interstate route. The Vahan tax rates are mentioned below:

Vehicle Type Tax per seat year
Non-A/C Vehicles  Rs. 4000
A/C Vehicles Rs. 5000

Schedule A (IV) (4)

The schedule A (IV) (4) deals with a special permit as per the Central Motor Vehicle Act.  The tax rates on buses are mentioned below:

Vehicle Type Tax per seat per year 
Tourist vehicles or omnibus with seating arrangement as per CMVR, 1988 rule 128   4000
General Minibus 5000
Air-conditioned buses 5000

Schedule A (IV) (A)

The schedule A (IV) (A) deals with private service  The following are the Vahan rate for private service are as follows.

Vehicle Type Tax per seat per year 
Air-conditioned buses 1800
Vehicles other than air-conditioned buses 800
Standees 250

Schedule A (V)

In this schedule A (V) towing vehicles are liable for tax of Rs. 330 per year 

Schedule A (VI)

The schedule A (VI) deals with vehicles for special purposes like cranes, compressors, earth movers and so on. The Vehicle tax for such vehicles is mentioned below:

Unloaded weight of vehicle (ULW)(in Kilogram) Tax 
Less than 750 Rs. 300
Equal to or more than 750 but less than 1500 Rs. 400
Equal to or more than 1500 but less than 2250 Rs. 600
Equal to or more than 2250 Rs. 600
Part or whole of weight in multiples of 500 more than 2250 Rs. 300

Schedule A (VII)

The scheduled A (VII) incorporates a vehicle which are non – transport, ambulances, vehicles with the seating capacity of more than 12. The following are the rates levied on them:

Unloaded weight of vehicle (UWL) (in Kilogram) Tax Rates
Less than 750 Rs. 860
More than 750 but less than 1500 Rs. 1200
More than 1500 but less than 3000 Rs. 1700
More than 3000 but less than 4500 Rs. 2020
More than 4500 but less than 6000 Rs. 2850
More than 6000 but less than 7500 Rs. 3360

Schedule A (VIII) (a) (a)

Under this schedule the trailing vehicles are used for agricultural purposes. The Vahan tax will be charges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 for laden weight of 4500 kg or above. Two-wheeler and three-wheeler which has a carriage it is chargeable at 7% of the cost of the vehicle. It is calculated as Cost of the vehicle=Actual cost of vehicle+central excise+sales tax There is nothing different for four-wheelers, an individual has to pay a 7% of the cost of the vehicle.

How to Pay Road Tax in Maharashtra?

To pay RTO tax an individual has to visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) office. There you have to fill up the form and provide the essential documents of the vehicle and vehicle owner. Make the payment of the Vahan tax as asked in the RTO office. After completion of payment you will receive a road tax receipt keep it safe for the future references.

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