Media and Bollywood: A Bitter Sweet Dostana

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan
Image Source: India Today

Media And Bollywood
Gone are the times when cinema enthusiasts used to wait for their favorite monthly magazine to catch up on Bollywood gossip. The news-hungry fans now, crave to know everything instantly. That’s exactly where all such conversations act as starters.

Indian Paparazzi revolves almost exclusively around Bollywood movies and actors. Thus, the newspapers and television stations have devoted the whole sections and programs to celebrity link-ups, breakups and patch-ups as a subject area known as “Page 3“.

These news channels have changed the entire scenario of Bollywood; they are interested in even the minutest details of the starlets. In today’s world of tough competition, every channel is trying hard to survive the same and hence the paparazzi culture is seen on a high. Even a small mark on the bodies of the celebrities makes headlines.

So how can one live a private life, without getting it published? As the hunger for celebrity candid snapshots increases, so does the prices and risks involved in getting them. Many issues which can have social and legal consequences arise out of this so-called ‘‘. This has made the celebrities a bit more worried of their public image.

The main reason why stars like Shahrukh, Salman & Aamir are ahead of other young generation actors is because they sell more. They are able to generate more news and making more interesting read for people. Why Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sawant, and Poonam Pandey are able to generate a lot of hype despite not much good work to show? They know how to remain in news and know how to use media to their advantage or media is using them to their advantage.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Example

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are two of the best examples of superstardom and using media in their contradictory styles. Shahrukh has been friendly and affable with media. His sense of humor has been reciprocated well by media. His family image of being a good husband and father has added a feather to his cap. Shahrukh is a brilliant actor and had so many blockbusters over the years. He has proved himself with a variety of roles. The biggest strength has been his sense of humor which has sometimes triggered him a lot of controversies also.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Image Source: India Today

On the other hand, Salman Khan has been the big bad boy of Bollywood. He has been in the news for more wrong reasons. His relationship with the media has not been that friendly. Like Shahrukh, he also has many blockbuster films to his kitty. He has never been rated highly as an actor but that doesn’t make a difference to him or his fans; they just come to watch him.

His successful television shows like Dus Ka Dum and Bigg Boss changed the thinking of people towards him. He has his own style. Hence this has also added to his image. His transformation from the so-called ‘Bad Boy’ to the nation’s most loved superstar is noteworthy. His mere name in opening and closing credits of a film gives the film a much-needed boost.

Media plays an important part in a celebrity’s life. It can transform an actor to star and then superstar. Media helps these actors to connect with the people through various mediums. If there is no media, they will not get the deserved celebrity status. We have also seen actors using media to their advantage.

Celebrities promote their respective films, shows and various other initiatives by the use of Media. When their movie is releasing, they try to be extra sweet with the media. If an uncomfortable question is asked, the irritation is visible on the faces of these celebrities. Very few stars can take criticism in a positive way. Your life can’t remain personal.

The public wants to know everything about their favorite stars. You can’t get everything in life. The stars have to pay a heavy amount for their stardom by sacrificing their personal life. Hence if media is really hampering the celebrities personal lives, is a question which requires a debate


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