Know the Myths vs Reality of Coronavirus – Let’s Not Misguide People & Know Facts About Corona

CORONA Myth Vs Fact

Corona Myth vs Reality: COVID 19 aka Coronavirus is a menacing ailment spreading across the world. Many people have infected with the ailment and many countries are suffering the consequences of it. People who have infected with this virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Know more about the myths and Reality of Coronavirus.

Recently, the United States has recorded around 1 lakh cases until now. Italy the country which is the safest country that is currently going through the harsh phase. The country has reported around 86498 cases and 9134 deaths have been reported till now. The deadly virus has infected 6 lakh people in the world in which 28,377 people have died from it and 37729 people have been cured of it.

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Facts About Corona vs Myth – Covid 19 Myth vs Reality

Myth #1: A vaccine is available for Coronavirus

Reality: Currently, no vaccine is available for coronavirus, scientists have already begun working on this but making a vaccine for this deadly virus will take months.

Myth #2: You can protect from COVID 19 by gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid, use essential oils and so on

Reality: None of these recommendations will protect you from COVID 19. The best practice to protect yourself is to wash your hands regularly, using soap or hot water. Avoid close contact with the people who are sick or coughing. Drink hot water daily.

Myth #3: The coronavirus is deliberately created by people

Reality: Viruses change overtime a disease outbreak happens when a virus that is common in animals such as pig, bird, bat which undergoes and passes to humans.

Myth #4: Ordering or buying Chinese products will make you sick

Reality: Researches are studying the COVID 19 how it infects people. As of now, it has been noted that this virus cannot stay for long on the surfaces. So, it is irrational to think about you will infect with the virus when you buy something from China.

Myth #5: A face mask will protect you from COVID 19

Reality: People with respiratory illness should wear the mask in order to lessen their chance to infect others. Infected people should wear masks that will reduce the count of COVID 19 in humans.

Be aware of the myths and reality of coronavirus. You should keep yourself clean and stay away from the people who are coughing and sneezing. Wash your hand daily and regularly.

Featured Source request to all people take precautions stay safe, don’t go out, stay at your home, co-operate with the police and Government


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