One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date & Spoiler Discussion – Things We Know!

One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date & Spoiler
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The last chapter of One Piece has really got excited. It seems that Eiichiro Oda will soon end this old story of Oden. We do believe that in January 2020 we might see a very new Arc. But according to the last Manga chapter (Chapter 965), we will definitely see Roger meeting Whitebeard in One Piece Chapter 966.

Also, if you are reading this article, then we are sure that you want to know its release date and spoiler. As of now, the official spoiler is not yet out, but will surely be out a day before the Manga release. Before we talk about the spoiler, we would like to discuss about One Piece 966 Manga Chapter.

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One Piece Manga Chapter 966 Spoiler Discussion

One is sure that Whitebeard and Roger will face each other. Will they fight each other? We really don’t think that would happen. If we talk about Oden, we all know that he was the first White Beards 2nd Division caption and then became the crew member of Roger.

In this chapter, we are expecting to see how Oden will become Rodger’s crew. He might end up joining Rodger Crew and find answers to his questions. There are also rumors that we might see Roger becoming the Pirate King and Oden would plan to visit Wano. If we see Oden visiting Wano, which means he will take Shogun’s position. This will definitely make Orochi his substitute.

We are not sure if we see Kaido in this chapter, but we are expecting to know Orochi and Kaido’s plan. In fact, we hope to see Kaido in this chapter & also believe you do too.

The official spoiler will be out by 17th Dec 2019. Hence, we request you to follow us back to know know what exactly we can see.

One Piece Manga Chapter 966 Release Date

Similar to other chapters, One Piece 966 will release on Thursday at his regular time. Which means you can read this chapter on 19th Dec 2019.



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