One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date & Spoiler – Roger Journey Ends

One Piece Chapter 968

One Piece Chapter 968: After reading One Piece Chapter 967, it becomes clear that Roger’s journey is about to end. In fact, we might finally see the real case of Oden vs Kaido. It looks like Eiichiro Oda wanted us to get the main chapter of Kaido in the year 2020.

Before to jump to One Piece 968 spoiler, there are few things that we need to highlight. As promised, Oden is going back to the Wano kingdom as he has finished the final Island. On the other hand, by now, we will see Roger surrendering to the Marines. Also, we got to know how the Last and got the name, Raftal Island.

Now, what’s more, important here is what we can expect from OP 968 chapter? To know or discuss One Piece 968 chapter be a part of it.

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One Piece Chapter 968 Spoiler & Discussion

It was known to everyone that Kaido was afraid to Roger. Which is why he haven’t shown up till now. Also, Roger who will be shown dead in this chapter, which means, Kaido would want Rogers treasure. Which means, he might definitely come to Wano.

We are not sure if we could see the fight between Kaido and Oden,  but it is sure that Kaido will definitely be meeting Raizo. Also, what did Raizo do will also be known in this chapter. With this, one thing is sure that Kaido is definitely after Roger’s treasure. The only know to know it would be Oden.

There might be two parts that we will see. First is Kaido’s appearance in the Chapter, which means the beginning of a new Arc. Or we might see Raizo’s masterplan behind all that is happening in Wano Kingdom. We might only get to know what exactly will come once the official spoiler is out. Till that we will have to wait for One Piece Chapter 968 official spoiler to come.

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One Piece Chapter 968 Release Date

Even being a new year, there is no delay in the chapter. Which means you can read the chapter on their official time table. OP 968 will release on 3rd Jan 2020. Which will be One Piece first Manga of the year.


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