One Piece Chapter 970 – Kaido vs Kozuki Oden Finally Happening!

One Piece Chapter 970

One Piece Chapter 970: In One Piece Manga Chapter the Wano Arc is one of the most interesting arcs. The entire arc talks about the Wano Kingdom & story about Oden. Also, every one of us were waiting to see Oden vs Kaido. It took really long, but it soon be seen in One Piece Chapter 970.

Oden is all prepared to smash Kado and Orochi and Kaido who is behind the destruction of his wonderful island Wano. Therefore, the expected spoiler for One Piece 970 is that we might see Kaido vs Oden. Hence, we are to discuss about the same & what we know so far.

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One Piece Chapter 970 Spoiler & Discussion

It’s been a while that I have been interacting with One Piece fans & everyone claims the same as I do. It is quite obvious now that everyone will see Kaido & Oden facing each other. But that is not going to be so soon.

First, we will see Orochi to be the target of Oden’s anger. Not only that, but we will also see how the Akazaya Nine initiated the biggest Arc of One Piece. The actual fight between Kaido and Oden will be seen later in Chapter 971.

This chapter 970 will only show the beginning of Oden vs Kaido fight. To know the end result, we will wait till 971 is out. By that time, you can spend some time discussing your expectation on One Piece 970 chapter.

One Piece Chapter 970 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of One Piece release date is officially announced. According to the official announcement, One Piece 970 will release on 2 Feb 2020. If you want to get more about this chapter, keep following the space.


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