Netflix: Ozark Season 3 Release Date Got Confirmed – Cast & Crew, Trailer, Teaser, Story & More Update

Ozark Season 3

Ozark Season 3: After the successful 2 series on Netflix, Jason Bateman is upcoming with the 3rd season of Ozark. This Netflix web series is about Byrde & his family who are forced to leave for Ozark when he gets involved in a money laundering case. Ozark Season 3 was on question, but on 8th Jan 2020, Netflix released the trailer announcing the Ozark Season release date.

Ozark Season 3 Story

The proper story of Ozark 3rd Season can only be known after the web series is released.  But, we do know what we can see on this Season.

The 3rd Season of Ozark will be about Ruth Langmore and Byrdes. We will see how Ruth trying hard to get close to Byrdes. Whereas, Marty’s life will be seen more in the darkness. In fact, the season will be more focused on Ruth and how desperate he is to be in Byrdes gang.

Also, we will be seeing Marty and Wendy Byrde fighting with some tough time dealing with the powerful outer source.

The entire story of this season is yet to get an official announcement. Stay tuned, to know more about the story.

Ozark Season 3 Release Date

The Announcement video of Ozark’s 3rd Season has already announced the release date. This season is going to release om 23 Mar 2020.

Even official Netflix UK & Ireland tweeted on their official handle.

Before that, we are going to see the trailer, which will be announced soon in a couple of months. Stay Tunes, for trailer and more updates.

Ozark Season 3 Cast & Crew

The new face we will notice is Madison Thompson playing Erin’s character. She will be playing Helen’s daughter. Only only that, but we will also see Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Frances too.

We we cannot forget Jason Bateman and Laura Linney and the entire Byrde members to be leading the series.

People also ask:

Below, in this section, we will add some of the most common question asked by Ozark fans. If you have some more, do ask us in the comment below.

Is Ozark Season 3 Going to be the last season?

Don’t worry, Ozark 3rd Season is not going to be the last. Mundy has made an official announcement on this and said that Ozark will have 5 seasons. Which means, we still have 2 Ozark upcoming Season awaiting.

Where can in Watch Ozark Season 3?

Ozark is Netflix Original series, which means, Netflix is the only source to watch Ozark Season 3.

If you find any other platforms providing Ozark on their platform, it means they are illegal. Be aware of them.

What is Madison Thompson Role in Ozark 3rd Season?

Madison Thompson will be playing Helen’s determined teenage daughter who comes to Ozarks.


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