Best Photo Editing Software for PC- 10 Photo Editing Software for PC

Best photo editing software for pc

Photo editing apps are being the regular usage for an individual or for a company. Whether you are an individual or a company everyone relies on the photo editing software when it comes to their brand or a personal photo. Well, there is a lot of application through which you can edit the photos. Featured Source has gathered some of the best photo editing software for PC from which you can easily edit the photos. The list of the photo editing apps is Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, ON 1 Photo Raw, Corel Paintshop Pro, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, GIMP, Canva, Pixlr Editor.

A good photo editing software can help an individual enhance an image, highlight and change the image into another level. As mentioned earlier there is a variety of photo editing software to choose from, some of the popular and some of them are lesser-known but they have unique features from one another. Editing photos not only brings the beauty out but also change its image size, format etc. This editing software assists you to customize your image and meet your desired requirement.

Best Photo Editing Software for PC

1. Adobe Lightroom

lightroom- Best photo editing software for PC
lightroom- Best photo editing software for PC

Adobe is the most popular software among professionals. When it comes to editing a photo Adobe Lightroom has each and everything covered. It has several features from straight forward filters to diverse effects. Lightroom can detect the face in images and can organize images of a person aside. It features camera-based correction and lens-based correction. The app has many types of brushes and gradient adjustments that can be modified using them.

A Lightroom is a software for anyone whether it’s a beginner or professional with tons of experience, it features amazing presets and also has professional filters. Above all, it supports multiple devices and can sync between them. Adobe Lightroom is a decent choice for editing photos.

2. Skylum Luminar


Skylum Luminar is also a popular photo editing software mostly used by professional photographers around the globe. The key feature is you have to pay one time charges for the software then you can use it. It is not like other Photo editing Software offering monthly/yearly subscriptions. It’s a whole package application for editing images and it can be used as a plugin with other photo editing software like Adobe’s Photoshop, Lightroom and so on.

Skylum Luminar gained its recognition when it introduced its A.I Slider, as its A.I can fix any corrections intones, contrast and brightness by its own. The application features amazing filters from the movie like Lord of the rings. It has dynamic adjustments layers which take this app to the next level. Last but not least it also provides presets for DJI drone images.

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3. Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is a popular photo editing software. Photoshop has features like automatic fixing, layering tools and the ability to modify the image. This software is not recommended for those who just want to edit their images to a basic level, this tool is to take the image to a new level. Compared to lightroom, adobe’s photoshop is for professional editors with experience using a photo editing software.

Adobe’s Photoshop has fine touch-up and multi-layer editing features. It also has amazing filters and tons of brushes. It also introduced 3-D design functionality to compete with rivals. If you have a little experience in any photo editing software then Adobe’s Photoshop is your the best option to go with.

4. Capture One


Capture One is an editing software which was specifically designed to edit RAW images. It was created by a camera company itself known as Phase One. One of the catchy features of Capture One is it lets you change its Interface Customization. You can modify the software’s interface to your preference. It also features layers and can handle many layers at a time without lagging or crashing.

Capture One has advanced colour editing options and more flexible sliders. It has much better performance while handling images over 20 mp RAW file. Capture One charges you one-time pay and also has subscriptions plan, choose as per your preference.

5. ON1 Photo RAW


ON1 Photo RAW is a photo editing software which you try all for free. It features tons of presets, advanced filter and so on. Above all, Users can use ON1 Photo RAW in any operating system. There are 170 different effects including brushes and tools for masking. A key feature of ON1 Photo RAW is stackable filters, it provides amazing texture and border editing options. It supports real-time adjustments and previewing of an image. ON1 RAW is a decent photo editing software for beginners because of tons of presets.

6. Corel PaintShop Pro


Corel PaintShop Pro is a photo editing software for beginners who might want to enhance their images but while keeping it simple. It has everything a user will need to edit an image and turn it to something amazing without paying much money. It has A.I for enhancing presets. Also, it features 360-degree photo editing and has an amazing user experience. Corel Paintshop has tones of tutorials to learn from and editing options like blur and fix.

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7. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate


ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate is a newer photo editing software. It recently got recognition by professional photo editors due to its simple and elegant interface. Its key feature is it has no importing option and users can edit their images directly from their drivers and can eliminate the process of importing. It also features facial recognition and has a monthly subscription and one-time purchase option.



GIMP is a professional photo editing software used by professional, it’s easy to install on your desktop. It features built-in file manager and has many features which will help refining images and its composition much easier.

GIMP has an editing option like corrective mode and digital retouching. It supports various plug-ins and touches up tools. You might need some experience to use GIMP because it might be hard to navigate through its features for beginners. Overall the app is good and the file management is admirable.

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9. Canva

canva- Best Photo editing software for PC
Canva- Best Photo editing software for PC

Canva is a decent graphic design software and can be downloaded on mobile devices. It has thousands of templates and photo blur and vignette effects. Canva supports advanced photo cropping and straightening tools. It also lets users add diverse textures and photo frames. Canva is free to use for the most part, but the premium version will add some extra features.

Apart from this, you can also get the elements, shapes and more features for free. Some of the elements may charge you but you can easily access this app online for free.

10. Pixlr Editor

pixlr- Best Photo editing software for PC
Pixlr- Best Photo editing software for PC

Pixlr is a simple photo editing software which can be downloaded on mobile devices. There’s another version of Pixlr known as Pixlr X which is much more advanced. Pixlr has millions of free effects to browse from. It has tons of filters and overlays and also has a web interface. Pixlr is a decent option to edit images and much more.

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Conclusion

The list of photo editing apps is free and worth paying money for the app those who ask for the subscription. Because these apps give the best photoshop experience to the users and give 100% satisfaction for the users. These are the best photo editing software for PC use it and enjoy doing your work.


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