PS 5 Release Date & Price – All Your Answers About PlayStation 5 is Here

PS 5 Release Date and Price

PS 5 Release Date: After PS4, there has been a huge talk about PS5. But, by when will PS5 will release, was still a big question. It was predicted in the past by everyone that the release date of PS5 will be around December 2019. Unfortunately, everyone awaiting for the Play Station 5 got even extended. But for those who are serious about getting the PS5, here we are with PS5 release date and price.

The release date for the PS5 was already expected to be around 2020, but the exact date was unknown until now. Also, as per the Bloomberg report, the price for the PS5 is shared. Therefore, we bring you everything you need to know about the PS5.

PS 5 Release Date

According to Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer said that the Xbox Series X will be released in 2020. Also, Microsoft will be giving more ideas on the Xbox Series X before July 2020. At the same time, we are expecting to get more information on the PS5.

In fact, both, the Xbox Serie X and the PS5 are expected to get its release at the same time. After the release, we might see some of the most awaited games like Halo Infinity to support PS 5, but not sure by when it can happen.

On October 8, 2019, Sony made an official announcement on the release date of the PS5 on its official blog. As per Sony, the PS5 is expected its release during the Holiday. Also, it will release in the US and then make its global availability.

If we consider the PS4 release date to be in the Holiday 2020, which means we can expect its release during December 2020. After 2013s PS4, everyone has their eye on the Play Station 5. Let’s hope to get a better version & smart features.

PS 5 Price 

The PS4 released in 2013 was priced at $399 in the retail store. But according to the recent confirmation from the insight, PlayStation 5 price is expected to be around $470 in the retail store.

After the E3 2020, we might get more insight into the features of the PlayStation 5 its release date and Price.


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