Quality Guidance

We welcome everyone who think they have some amazing and rare story. As you submit your story, it goes under approval so that it follows our Quality Guidance. FeaturedSource quality guidance is made to avoid spammers & violence speech. So, before you submit your story make sure that you are following FeaturedSource Quality Guidance.

FeaturedSource Quality Guidance

  • No Spam Content:¬†

We are strictly against Spam content or any self-promotion content. As we only want to promote real & rare stories, we are strictly against any Spam content.

  • No Hate Speech

It is not just ours but everyone duty to avoid hate speech. We take responsibility to not provide any article that is meant to disturb anyone’s sentiment, religion or feelings.

  • No Illegal Activity¬†

FeaturedSource with any mean do not provide any illegal activity like downloading movies, software. We strictly follow the Copyright Law & hence believe everyone involved with us follow the same.

  • No Trolling

Not everyone can bear trolling. This also comes to hate speech. We make sure that any article that is posted in FeaturedSource are against trolling. If we found an article that is directly or indirectly trolling any topic, religion, individual strict action will be taken against them.

  • No Racism or Discrimination

Similar Hate Speech, Racism or Discrimination is also one of the things that we strictly say no to.

If we found any of the activities in any articles that you share then strict action will be taken against them. No matter if it is a new or an existing member of FeaturedSource, we will first remove the individual from our community and then take strict action against him.

Report Us

It might be possible that we might miss some articles that are violating the quality guidance. Therefore, we request our reader’s report who thinks that the article, video or any sort of content is against out guidance.

All the removal request we get will go through a strict review so that we can make sure that the company that you are putting is not blindly trusted.

To report any content feel free to email us: [email protected]