Shane Watson – IPL Salary, Networth and Lifestyle

Shane Watson is one of the known Australian players born on 17 June 1981. He started his IPL Career in 2008 with Rajasthan Royals and is now playing for Chennai Super Kings. In the last few years, he is not at his best performance. Hence, his IPL salary has reduced form 12 Cr to 4 Cr in the last 2 years. This year in 2020 IPL he is getting the salary of 4Cr.

Shane Watson Salary 

Shane Watson first played his IPL in the year 2008 with Rajasthan Royals. In the year 2016 he changed to Royal Challengers and then in the year 2018 he changed to Chennai Super Kings. Now he is paid Rs 4 Cr to play in IPL 2020.

Rajasthan Royals2008Rs. 50.02 Lakh
Rajasthan Royals2009Rs. 60.14 Lakh
Rajasthan Royals2010Rs. 50.79 Lakh
Rajasthan Royals2011Rs. 5.68 Cr
Rajasthan Royals2012Rs. 6.53 Cr
Rajasthan Royals2013Rs. 6.92 Cr
Rajasthan Royals2014Rs. 12.5 Cr
Rajasthan Royals2015Rs. 12.5 Cr
Royal Challengers Bangalore2016Rs. 9.50 Cr
Royal Challengers Bangalore2017Rs. 9.50 Cr
Chennai Super Kings2018Rs. 4 Cr
Chennai Super Kings2019Rs. 4 Cr
Chennai Super Kings2020Rs. 4 Cr

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