Smartphone Or Table Battery Not Charging- Know How To Get It Fixed

Battery Not Getting Charges

Battery Not Getting Charges

In the current market, there are many inexpensive Smartphones and tablets. A lot of trouble might be either due to the design flaw or Software issues. In fact, I have managed to solve everything that has came in front of me. After your phone or Tablet gets a bit old, you might come across your device Battery Charging Issue. But, before you plan to throw it away, make sure that you have done all the R&D’s. We have come across this issue many times & in most of the cases, the issues were solved in just a few steps. If you also want to know how to get rid of Battery not getting charged issue, read below.

Make sure that you do all the below test & also follow the guide to solve the device not charging issue. Because we are giving you all the possible ways to fix your Device Battery Not Charging Issue. Rest assured, because anything that we will be talking below is tried & tested.

Fix Device Not Charging Issue

Before you know the way to fix your device, make sure that you do the following test. These tests are important because you never know if this is due to a small issue.

  • Check Cable Or Adapter:

One of the major issues that your device might not be getting charged is due to adapter or the charger getting corrupted. So, we would request you to check other similar cable or adapter with your device. If that is working fine, then spending just a few penny won’t be an issue. Also, do check your existing cable with other devices to check if it is proper Hardware or a Software Issue.

If the issue is with your cable, then you can find charging cable or adapter online for cheap.

  • Make Sure The Plug Has Power

Many times, you might come across plugs that do not have power in it. Hence, you believe that your device is damaged. So before that do make sure that you check your device charging capability on other plugs too.

  • Try To Reset Your Device

If any of the process is not working fine, then you might have to try the last option of resetting your device.  That’s because most of the time it is the software which is the main cause. Software works like a brain that allows OS, and every system of your device to work together. If your software is corrupted, then there are chances that it is not giving proper command to the system to charge the device. So, trying to reset your device is not a big issue.

Note: The reset setting might differ from devices to devices. So, you can share your model number and we will help you to reset your model.

What If Nothing Works?

Now, this is the final and last stage. If all the above test fails, then you might have to seriously get it tested. It might be either the battery issue, or you might have to do the soldering. You can get your device checked on any local mobile mechanic. He can easily find the issue for you.

  • Battery is Dead

If you have found that the issue is of your Batter or due to Battery dead issue, then you can easily change the batter. But, these days, the devices come with either glass frames, which is only possible by the local mechanic to open it for you. If you already have the required devices & know how to do it, then you can help yourself.

Tips: If your device is under warranty, then we would request it to give it to the official store near you. They will make it done for you. 

  • Use The DIY Method

If you have al the required devices/machines, & you know the way to solve the issue, then you are welcome to try it all by yourself. But, at your own risk. To know the right DIY approach do comment below your device name, we will help you with that.

By following the above methods you can solve the Battery Not Charging Issue. But, still, if you are facing any similar issues, then you are open to ask your queries in the comment below.


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