Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb- Box Office Collection, Screen Count & Budget

Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb

Sooryvanshi is the big movie coming in the month of April. The movie will feature three big superstars Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, and Ranveer Singh. Sooryavanshi will have heavy footfalls and there is a chance for the Rohit Shetty film to rake good box office collection. Akshay Kumar is featuring in both the movies, so there is a competition between his two movies. There are higher chances for Sooryavanshi movie to generate good revenue than Laxmmi Bomb movie. Let’s see about Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb.

How much will be the Box Office Collection difference in Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb?

For both the movies, there will be good footfalls but it is obvious that Sooryavanshi will single handily generate heavy box office collection. Because the movie features three big actors and after all, it is a Rohit Shetty’s film. There will be a huge difference between Sooryavanshi box office collection and Laxmmi bomb box office collection.

Laxmmi Bomb has a little horror story so there are chances for the film to lure audience because of the storyline. By the way, Akshay Kumar will feature in the film in double role men and women. Akshay Kumar has possessed by a female spirit in the film and turns out to be a woman.

There are other Hollywood movies, Peter the Rabbit 2 and James Bond’s No Time to Die which will compete with Sooryavanshi. And, Laxmmi Bomb will compete with another Hollywood movie Fast & Furious 9.You can also see how Peter the rabbit 2 box office collection and No time to die box office collection clash with several movies.

Gap Between Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb Screencount 

Undoubtedly, Sooryavanshi will be displayed around 4000 screens or more because the movie is big and featuring renowned actors. The screen count will showcase the whole performance of the film in the market.

If we see about Laxmmi Bomb the film will be displayed around 2500 screens or more. If there will be a 500-1000 screen count difference between these movies then there are very low chances for Laxmmi Bomb to generate more revenue than Sooryavanshi.

Who are in the Cast Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb?

As I said earlier, Sooryavanshi will feature Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn with Katrina Kaif.

On the other hand, Laxmmi Bomb will feature Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani in the lead roles. It seems like weight is going one side between these movies. Along with this, Laxmmi Bomb vs Radhe will have a clash.

What is the difference between Sooryavanshi vs Laxmmi Bomb Budget?

Rohit Shetty’s films are big-budget movies he only features big actors in his film. Sooryavanshi budget will be around 60-70 crores or more. This is the estimated figures of the film budget.

Apart from Sooryavanshi movie, Laxmmi Bomb seems to be a moderate budget film and it will be around 30-40 crores. The movie doesn’t seem to be a big movie as compared to Sooryavanshi.


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