Alternatives for TeamViewer – List Of Best Similar Sites Like TeamViewer

TeamViewer Alternative: TeamViewer is the most popular Remote Access application. With this remote-access software, you can access your computer from any location as long as you have internet connectivity. Now, in 2020, there are many TeamViewer Alternatives. But, which one will be more suitable for you? To know this answer, here we have come with the list of top & best Alternatives for Teamviewer.

When would You Need TeamViewer Alternative? 

As there are several options online, you have no idea who is using which remote access application. Hence, you would need other remote access PC or mobile app. Also, if you are going through an important project and your TeamViewer app is facing some issue. This is when & your other system will need an alternative to TeamViewer.

What are the Common Features of a Remote Access Application?

If you are working in a company & your client you to have instant access to his PC. Then Similar applications like TeamViewer will be a great help. Apart from that, there are some common features that you might find in remote access platforms. Let’s see them below.

  • Access Any Computer remotely
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File transfers
  • Web Conferencing

Top TeamViewer Alternative To Use in 2020

In 2020, you might come across similar applications like TeamViewer. But, which one would you like to prefer? Hence, we are here to let you know about them below.

1. AnyDesk

If there is an application that is as better as TeamViewer is AnyDesk. In fact, this is one of the most downloaded remote-access applications of 2019.  Similar to TeamViewer, AnyDesk has a lot of features, allowing you to access your computer remotely from any location. The thing about Anydesk is it has very low latency which makes your action seen in real-time.

Taking about security into account, AnyDesk uses banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology along with RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption to verify every connection. This ensures that your computer to be saved from unauthorized users.


  • Low latency
  • Fast data transmission
  • Cross-platform
  • No restrictions in free version


  • Can be buggy
  • Lacks screen drawing feature

AnyDesk Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

2. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin - Teamviewer Alternative

After AnyDesk, Ammyy Admin is another big name in the remote access platforms. They are quite secure & featureful giving you access to everything important. Also, to access your computer remotely, you will have to give users a Unique ID. This makes it more secure & helps your system prevent unwanted visitors.

Also, you can transfer your file with larger data. Also to help your communication better, you have the chat option where you can ask queries.


  • Quite Secure
  • Can easily transfer file
  • Have Chat option for seamless communication


  • Works only with high-speed internet
  • Latency during file transfer noted

3. Splashtop

Splashtop - TeamViewer Alternative

Splashtop is another leading TeamViewer Alternative. Being a remote-access platform, they focus a lot of security issues to deliver seamless access. Not only that, Splashtop offers individual and Business access to make your work done anytime.

All the remote sessions are encrypted with Tls and 256-bit AES encryption. Further access is protected by device authentication and multiple 2nd-level password options. Splashtop allows MSPs, help desks and service providers to provide ad-hoc support to clients.

It is technically free if you are going to use Splashtop for personal use like remotely access computers on a local area network. Splashtop charges $16.99/year to access devices from anywhere in the world. You will be provided a full-fledged remote desktop experience.


  • High-Quality video and audio
  • Gesture support
  • Great portable version


  • The free version only works on Local network
  • Complicated variants of the software

4. Parallels Access

Parallels Access - TeamViewer Alternative

Parallel Access provides fast, simple and reliable remote access to your computer from anywhere. It allows individuals to access applications, files, and computers from any place. Parallel Access gives the best mobile viewing experience. A computer that is being controlled instantly recognizes touch inputs.

Parallel Access has unique Application technology that lets users use all desktop applications as if they were native apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It also has an accessible magnifying glass with the ability to copy and paste files/texts. Parallel Access is the only remote access software that focuses on mobile experiences making parallel access a bit unique.


  • Easy access to macOS and Windows devices from iOS and Android devices
  • Apps work in full window mode
  • Excellent touch control


  • It only works for accessing desktop from mobile devices.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

5. Supremo

Supremo - Teamviewer Alternative

Supremo is a powerful, easy and complete solution for remote access control and support. The good thing about supremo is that the user doesn’t need to install or patch anything. Only one executable file is very small and doesn’t need installation. Supremo is reliable and safe using AES 25-bit encryption and supports USilio, the IT Management Console. For business, it will allow the user to customize their user interface to display said company’s logo, something that you cannot do in Team viewer.

Supremo uses a powerful data transfer protocol that doesn’t require any router/firewall configurations. Supremo is free to use for local networks.


  • Unattended remote access
  • Integrated address book
  • Modern and easy to navigate UI


  • No voice support
  • Not available for macOS

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop - Team Viewer Alternative

Chrome Remote desktop is a light use remote desktop software. Note that, Chrome desktop software is nowhere as powerful as a Team viewer. However, it is completely free to use. Users can get things done easily. Computers can be available on a short-term basis for issues like ad-hoc remote support, or on a long term basis for remote accessing applications and files.

Chrome Remote desktop software is end-to-end encrypted and available cross-platform. Windows, macOS and Linux devices can be accessed remotely from virtually any device which has a chrome browser installed. Again, it is not as powerful as a Team viewer but can save a lot of money.


  • Easily configurable
  • Available for all major platform
  • completely free to use


  • Lacks in features

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

7. UltraVNC

UltraVNC - Similar Site Like TeamViewer

UltraVNC is an excellent alternative for TeamViewer for windows users. It is open-source software. UltraVNC allows text-based messages and various authentication methods (eight-digit DES password, MS login I and II) to be exchanged.

UltraVNC is free for all types of usage, including commercial usage. It has various features like encryption plugin to secure client/server connection.


  • Free and open source
  • Extensive Options


  • Only for Windows
  • Unclear user interface

8. Mikogo

Mikogo - Team Viewer ALternative

Mikogo is recommended for web conferencing and remote support. It has a multi-lingual interface and can be switched between 35 languages. Mikogo is a cross-platform software meaning could be operating windows and attendees can operate macOS, Linux as well as from smartphones or tablets.

Mikogo is directly accessible through the browser. No download or installation is required. For individual users, a demo version is available free of cost. You will have to pay for the professional version after a 14-day trial.


  • No installation required
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Maximum number of participants is 25


These were some great alternatives for Team viewer that you might find. Install the most suitable remote access software for you from the above list. Also, if you found a better alternative that works better for you, share its name in the comment section.

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