The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) Review – The Most Controversial Act, Know In & Out

The Citizenship Amendment Act

In December 2019, the Indian political scene is all talking about CAA, which is The Citizenship Amendment Act. If you are reading this article, we assume that you want to know what exactly this CAA is? Is it really worth a change in India? Will & how it might affect? Therefore, we would like to get into detail & give you a clear understanding of our Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) review.

It took around 10 days for me to study the entire case study of this Act. I have to start my research from the first time BJP proposed this in 2014. Earlier to that, this was still a huge topic. But, no one actually discussed this. As this is a critical topic, we do not want to give any judgment on this. Our aim is to educate you on what exactly is CAA.

During our study, we did find a lot of flaws and positive points to it. We believe that this can actually bring some change, but at the same time, a lot of things had to be considered. But one thing that is clear that it has nothing to do with people who are already a citizen of India regards to their cast or color. This Actis passed just to give citizenship & not to hamper who already have one. To know what that exactly is, let’s get into this in detail.

The Citizenship Amendment Act PDF

What Exactly is CAA Act?

If someone asks me to explain this in simple terms, then it giving citizenship to people staying in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. But the only condition is that they should belong to either Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, or Christians community.

This looks like BJP did skip the Muslim community. But, during the Parliament speech by Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India clearly stated “Muslim community belonging to the given county in the Act can also apply for Citizenship.” Which means, there is a way to Muslims too. But why not directly? We can discuss that below.

But getting the Citizenship so easy? Well, the answer is no. As per the Section 7D Principle Act, it says “Provided that no order under this section shall be passed unless the Overseas Citizen of Indian Card Holder has been given reasonable opportunity of being heard”. Also, this act will only be eligible for those who are staying in India illegally since Dec 2014.

Why Do We Need CAA Act Now & What Is The History?

This can be an obvious question that might struck everyone. Why now? But to give you a clear idea, this Act was passed by BJP early in 2014 too. But at that time the Congress government refused it. According to the BJP government, this act is important because the Congress Government has given to the Shi Lankan illegal immigrants during their time, but forgot about Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, or Christians staying in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

If we look at that, then we do not see any valid object made on the BJP government. At least they are giving rights to them who were unheard. But there are few things that need to be considered, which we will discuss later below.

But according to the Amit Shah, he claims that it is necessary & I do agree to him to some extent. The reason why this Act is necessary because it is was actually promised during Independence, but not implemented. In an interview with Aaj Tak, he gave some proof that we would like to share with you.

The great Mahatama Gandhi, after the Freedom in 1947 said “Every Hindu & Sikh who has been separated due to partition can come back to Indian any time they need. It is our responsibility that we accept them.” Well, it is heavily said, but was it implemented? No.

Looking at this we do believe that the act was necessary for them. To get the clarity on this check the video below.

Is Muslim Community Safe in India After This Act?

Initially, when the riot happen against the Bill, I thought that the government actually wants to eradicate the Muslims or portraying them as a Low class. But after reading the Bill (which is now the Act), a lot of things got clear.

According to the Act, no Muslims will be harmed due to this act. As per Amit Shah, “this Act to give Citizenship, no take“. Not only that, for those Muslims who already have citizenship has nothing with this Act. In fact, it is not going to affect them even a 0.001%. In fact, the Home Minister says “It is my responsibility that nothing happens to the Muslims of India.” I guess if the Home Mister guaranties it is not to question him.

The question that was most asked is why is the Muslim community not mentioned? Well, even we did not receive any clear answer form the Home Minister. This is one of the big flaws that create the mess across the country. To clarify that, he did mention that Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Parsi’s which are minority cast in these countries are forced to change their religion, which is why the Indian government had to take this step.

Can Muslims Apply?

Even though Muslims are not mentioned in the Act, but there is a provision for them to apply. If the government finds any Muslim refuge during this process, then they have to fill the form and have to give valid proof. We have mailed the team to give us more detail on this.

The Big Flaw

Till now we do not that think that the Act is that bad. But there is a big flaw according to us, which the Government hasn’t mentioned. We all know that it might not take a day to get fake documents. Also, in the future when this will happen how will they identify the terrorist. Because this act might give room for terrorists to get into our country with just a few documents.

I hope that the Indian government might have some provision to test the genuineness of the refugees. If this does not take into consideration, then it might be another big mistake the BJP government is doing after the Note Bandi.

Final Words 

We do believe that this Act was necessary & if it was not done now, then someone might have done it in the future. But at the same time, there are flaws that might let the terrorists enter the country. Only if the flaws are taken care of, we do believe that this can make a huge difference.

We would like to know your thought on this. What do you think about this The Citizenship Amendment Act review? Also, if you have any doubt or disagree on this, then do let me know in the comment below. We will make sure that we will reply to all your queries as per or knowledge.


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