HBO: The Nevers- Release Date, Cast & Crew, Preview, Shooting Update

The Nevers release date

The Nevers: HBO and the makers where all silent about the final report about the whereabouts of this stunning series that everyone is looking out for. It is a very special sci-fi drama series. After a nerve breaking silence from the time it’s been announced, an update is here from Joss Weldon himself. He finally announced The Nevers their upcoming web series.

Weldon is the co-writer of The Nevers, along with Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie. He does the direction, executive production and also is the showrunner of the series.

The story focuses on a gang of Victorian women who are facing ruthless enemies. Without their intervention could change the world for its doom. With their unusual abilities, they have to make a change for the good of humanity.

Weldon is quite literally sleepless working on this show with multiple job roles in the crew. Moreover, he has an excellent track record including, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse.

Weldon’s The Nevers will be the next best foot forward for HBO after the end of Game of Thrones.

The Nevers: Synopsis

A bunch of Victorian women who are known as “The Touched” has got the job of a lifetime. As a result, they have to make use of their unusual abilities to wipe out some relentless enemies for the betterment of the world which will change with their action.

The Touched include Amalia True a reckless, in addition to an impulsive emotionally damaged hero. Lavinia Below is the wealthy champion of the group. She funds an orphanage where Amalia the hero and others reside.

The Nevers: Trailer 

It is not yet available. Although there is a sneak peek by HBO along with other series on 2020. Stay tuned for more updates on The Nevers.

The Nevers: Cast & Crew

Laura Donnelly (Outlander, Tolkein) leads the series as Amalia True. Nick Frost portrays Declan Orrun or the Beggar King. Denis O’Hare plays Dr. Edmund Hague, a gifted American surgeon.

Olivia Williams (Rushmore) takes the role of Lavinia Bidlow. Ann Skelly, Zackary Momoh, Tom Riley and James Norton are other notable ones.

The Nevers: Release Date

The Nevers release date is not yet out. But, it is shown on many of the prominent websites such as IMDB. Moreover, from the official circle, the series could only be expected in 2021. Also, you will be glad to know about Hanna Season 2.

The Nevers: Shooting Updates

Recent reports reveal that scenes for the show Nevers have been shot at Sue Ryder hospice in Nettlebed. This location will reportedly be the Orphanage pictured in the series which is an important part. It is a famous spot which has been the set for Imitation Games and many other famous productions.


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