HBO: The Plot Against America Release Date, Cast and Plot,

The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America: Way back on November 8, 2018, HBO announced that they will present a series that will find its plot from Philip Roth’s novel. The Plot Against America is based on a book having the same name that was originally written by Philip back in 2004.

It will be a one of a kind experience for HBO and this series will be solely available on HBO. When HBO first proposed to him the idea of making a web series on the story he was a bit reluctant. According to him, the story is not anymore relevant to the present day scenario.

Technically The Plot Against America isn’t a web series but is a miniseries as it consists of 6 episodes as compared to 10 in normal web series. The miniseries falls in the category of drama. The setting for the show is made in the America of 1940s. The show will take you back in time to experience the changing dynamics of politics of then America.

What Is The Plot Of The Plot Against America?

In a nutshell, the show depicts the history of America more precisely political America through the eyes and perspective of a Jewish family. The family is based in New Jersey.

The family remembers the rise of Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh later becomes the President of the country and directs the country towards fascism. Elizabeth the head of the family is worried about the changing political environment of the nation and is in constant quest to shield her family.

Herman Levin who is the father tries to protect his family from falling into fascism, anti-Semitism and xenophobic isolationism. David Simon and Ed Burns are the brains behind the production of the show.

The show is having a huge budget owing to its overly rich star cast. Most of the shooting is done in Jersey City while some parts are wrapped up in New York too.

Who’s in the cast of The Plot Against America?

There are some huge names in the cast. We have Winona Ryder playing Evelyn Finkel and Zoe Kazan starring as Elizabeth Levin.

Moreover, Morgan Spector will make his presence felt as Herman and John Turturro as Rabbi Lionel Benglelsdorf.

The Plot Against America Release date

According to the official word from the side of HBO, the miniseries will release on March 16, 2020. We have already stated that it is a miniseries hence, it will have six episodes. Moreover, the series will be solely available on HBO, and not on any other streaming websites like Netflix.

Apart from The Plot Against America, there are other web series that like Spencer Confident from Netflix and Ozark Season 3 we suggest to watch.


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