Top Unknown Facts About Mahabharata That You Must Know

Unknown Facts About Mahabharata

Unknown Facts About Mahabharata

When it comes to Gods & their story in Hindu culture, then Ramayan and Mahabharata is what will first come in your mind. Apart from the Kurukshetra War, there are many important facts about Mahabharata. Not only one, but there are several versions of the Mahabharata story. But how many of them ate true? Well, that’ll just be the question un-answered. Whereas, there are some facts that were never told. So, we thought to bring this in front of you & share some of the most important and untold facts about Mahabharata.

All the facts, that you are going to read hear might be heard,  but we believe some of them might not be unheard of. In fact, there are more than 100s of facts that you might not be aware of. So, if you think that we have missed any, you are welcome to our comment section to contribute.

Now, without wasting any time, let us find some of the most interesting facts about Mahabharat. 

Facts About Mahabharat 

  1. Mahabharat was originally known as Jayam that has more than 5 thousand verses.
  2. Mahabharata was actually the 1st World War. That’s because forces from Rome, Greece and other countries were called too.
  3. Sahdev, who was the youngest among the Pandavas was capable to see the future.
  4. Suyodhana is the one whom you call Duryodhana.
  5. Vikarna and Yuyutsu son of Dhritarashtra were against the war with Pandavas.
  6. As per Mahabharata, Abhimanyu was the reincarnation of Daitya Kalyavana (Devil). But, later Krishna captured his soul after defeating Dwaraka.
  7. Bhishma Pitamah was not actually a name, but a position & his real name was Devavrata.
  8. The main culprit behind Draupadi Wastra Haran was not Shakuni Mama, but Karna. That’s because Duryodhan was quite in the entire court, whereas Karna was the one who started the disorbing.
  9. Bhanumati, wife of Duryodhan was actually a devotee of Lord Krishna.
  10. Apart from Draupadi, Arjun had 3 more wives: Chitrangada, Ulupi, and Subhadra
  11. Also, Yudhistir had another wife named, Devika.
  12. Ekalavya who is the song of Devashrava was Krishna’s Cousin. Devashrava was the brother of Vasudeva, father of Krishna.
  13. Krishna had 16000 wives & was said to be the reincarnation of Apsaras.
  14. Madravati, wife of Parikshit was actually a frog.
  15. Draupadi was forced to court by Duryodhan even after her denial.
  16. Kauravas also had a sister named Dushala who later got married to Jayadratha
  17. Jayadratha was killed by Arjuna to revenge his sons (Abhimanyu) death.
  18. Satyawati was called Matsyagandha because he smelled like a fish.
  19. Also, Satyawati was the daughter of Sage Vyasa and cursed apsara Adrika.
  20. During the birth, Jarasandh was born in 2 half but was later joined by Rakshasi Jara.

These are the top 20 list that describe some of the most uncommon facts that yo might know about Mahabharata. If you have more than what we have provided, then feel free to put it in the comment below.


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